Welcome to Handwork Homeschool !


I’ve dreamt of this blog for years !

Finally, a place where I can explore the many ways in which handwork wends through our homeschooling days (& for me, nights!)

Two years ago, my husband & I, sold our house in Toronto, bundled up our two little children & moved to France.  We bought an old house that needed lots of tender loving care with a big over-grown garden & a river running through it…  we’re intent on creating a life filled with making things, going places, having fun & a learning a lot along the way.

Handwork.     Homeschool.

I’ve tried to decide which is the most important to me.  It has taken a while to come to terms with the fact that they hold equal status in my eyes.  They are intertwined.

Coming to that conclusion is what gave me that final push to get started on this project.  I have been working with my hands since I was a young child. Over the years, I discovered that my greatest love is fibrework, in all its forms.  Of course, this is followed closely by my interests in painting, drawing & general crafty stuff….

Here, you will find handwork projects for your children, for yourself & for you all to do together.  As a long-term homeschooler, I have tried a bit of everything & look forward to telling you what worked (& what flopped).  The way I see it, holistic learning is the way to go. It allows my children to retain more information & shortens the amount of time we have to spend on lessons.   By tailoring activities to each child’s abilities, skill levels & current academic topics, handwork slips right into our homeschool day.

Vintage Craft Explorers

You may ask,  “What is a Vintage Craft Explorer ?”

It’s simply someone who is fascinated with crafts that tell a story – that have a history.  Think of those who came before you – knitting, sewing, weaving, spinning – exploring the ways that they could transform natural materials into beautiful & useful things.  They chose to enrich their lives & stimulate their minds by making with their heads, hearts & hands.

Every Vintage Craft Explorer started somewhere along their craft path.

Take up your scissors, thread, needles & yarn – it’s time to start on your own !

Create boldly !


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