Sweet Felt Treats

Strawberry Cake

Last week, I had the good fortune to pop over to Paris for a couple of days with a dear friend.  We happen to live only a few hours away from the “city of lights” & so it felt only slightly decadent.  We had plans to visit a yearly show called “l’Aiguille en Fête”  which translates roughly as “Needle Party”.  It was a big show (over 250 exhibitors from many countries), which showcased anything & everything artsy that one could do with a needle (as well as some other crafts like stamping & paper work, too).  To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the show, it moved to a new venue & this year’s theme was KNITTING !  Yeah !

Felt Treats

As I have been doing some needle felting lately, I was particularly taken with a Japanese booth which featured felted pastries & chocolates & other delicious goodies.  A beautiful lady sat composedly needle-felting tiny confections while crowds gathered around her to watch.  Her nimble fingers molded wool rovings into the most exquisite creations at a speed which belied her years of experience.  I think that she, Rio Fukuda, was also responsible for the eye-catching 10 layered cake which stood at the entrance ( see above).

It was a jam-packed show in every way, not just people wise ( about 38,000 visitors give or take a few hundred) …

Hordes of Makers !

but idea-wise too !  I have so much more to share – knitting, embroidery, feltwork.

Stay tuned.

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