French Felt Fun

 Felt Box

A few more inspiring images from my trip to Paris to indulge in the
ever-so-exciting Aiguille en Fête !

(Please forgive the quality of some of the images.
I was taking them whilst being jostled by about 10,000 French women
rushing to see everything they could !)

These items were featured on one of the largest displays at the show –
the company, La Couserie Créative, is based in France but like many of the
most ‘forward’ companies carries a vast array of unique
Japanese products.

felt delights

It is hard to describe how these pieces differ from what
I am used to seeing at Canadian shows.  One thing that I noticed time & time again
at this show was the different colour combinations.
Felt was also used as if it were regular fabric –
basic quilting motifs are cut out & sewn onto a base of felt to sort of quilt with felt.

great french colours

The cover from a book that was sold at this booth.
Look at those colours !
Mauve & Citrus & Soft Sage & Mustard & Cranberry
Then look at the ways in which the felt has been used as an appliqué –
so much easier than using regular fabric
– no need to finish the edges of each
applied element.

Note : the felt watering can & the little conical house behind it !

fuzzy house

This was a shot I went back for several times but EVERY single time I tried  to get it –
a)  I was bumped into or  b) the sales girl stood right over it or
c) an eager shopper would step into the shot.
So, throwing caution to the
wind, I just snapped.

All this, because I thought the felt “gingerbread” house was such a great idea.
Of course, the cranberry, primrose, yellow ochre & sage colourway
grabbed my attention too !

felt wreath

This wreath is so unusual –
the shape
the  sophisticated colours
the various flower shapes
the buttons
the felt ‘ribbons’ —

So many ideas !!


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