Paris Treasures

Snowy Day

A few days ago, my daughter, Hilary & I packed our bags
& headed off to Paris in the midst of
a surprise March snowstorm.

Being Canadian, we weren’t too fazed by the weather –
although I must say it was great to settle into our seats once the train finally arrived!

I had three important reasons for this trip.

1 – To accompany my “little” girl on the first part of her journey to Canada
2 – To do a little bit of homeschool “supply” shopping
3 – Meet my good friend Sally (from Fairy Dust Teaching) – in person….

bunny time


* boiled wool sheets in yummy colours
* tiny hand-woven baskets
* teeny hand-painted bunnies
* plaster easter bunnies that look like foil-wrapped chocolates
* doll-sized spinning wheel

I’ll be using the boiled wool for various projects this spring,
including small rabbit homes for RABBIT month.
The tiny baskets & spinning wheel will
be part of the block on weaving & spinning I’m planning.

And the pink ribbon ?
It was a treat for me – antique silk grosgrain with the finest
silver metallic edge.  It will go in the stash.



A  second-hand book with the most exciting illustrations,
a fairy-sized set of pencil crayons packed in a CD case &
an antique metal daisy roller/stamp
which I will use on some
antique linen (maybe I’ll embroider over it).

We discovered new shops, revisited some favourites & enjoyed
wandering around aimlessly.

All too soon, Hilary had to leave & I went to meet Sally.
I recognized her immediately as she strolled past the window of Starbucks –
YES, we met in a Starbucks !
It felt like a crazy blind-date.

Sally & Me

We spent the next day & a half filling each other in on our lives,
exchanging ideas about education,
talking about children & art & other stuff –
everything from soul deep memories to totally silly fluff.

What a great trip –
good shopping, good food & good friends !



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