Homeschooling like the Country Bunny (without the Gold Shoes)

Country Bunny
The first time this wonderful story was read to me,
it captivated my 5 year-old heart & mind.
My nursery school teacher could not have had the slightest inkling of
how much this little book would
influence my future as an artist, designer
& yes, homeschooler !

I recognized the cover when I was searching for an Easter book
for my daughter two years ago.  What a shock when
I opened it up & read it as an adult !
It was as if I was transported back over the decades to that day
on the carpet in little classroom.

Eggs & more eggs

I’m pretty sure now that the colours in this book set my
colour “sensors” to strong pastel
with a dash of black.
These ribbons were my wedding colours.
Robin’s egg blue, dusty mauve & bright primrose.

I’m sure much of the story went over my head but the fashions
stuck with me as much as the colours !
I went on to become an historic fashion expert
& lover of period costume…

little bunny girl

Published in 1939, the book tells the story of an
ambitious little girl bunny who dreams of being chosen to be one of the
five Easter Bunnies who deliver beautiful eggs to children
around the world on Easter eve.

Everyone told her that it was silly to think that she,
a little girl bunny,
could hold such an important job.

Baby Bunnies

When I had babies I stopped working (outside the home).

Unlike the country bunny, I had had a great big taste of what it felt like to
make my own money & work with adults
in the business world.

While my babes were small,
I volunteered for years in a museum & an art gallery, took the odd
commission, knit a LOT of nice things
& did a bit of designing here & there.


And yet….

I could not understand my friends who had worked (pre-kids) who said they
were totally satisfied staying home with them.

Seriously ?

How could they equate changing diapers & wrestling kids down to nap
with the excitement of deadlines & customers & meetings?
It took me a long time (several years actually) to realize that
being home with my kids &
running my home could be just as stimulating.
(Of course not ALL of the time !!)

Palace of Versailles Hall of Mirrors

I know – sounds weird but one day I thought
– I used to sell hundreds of gifts to people to please their families at holiday times.
Then I thought, but I do that for my OWN kids & family.
I do have deadlines
– mealtimes, getting to appointments & classes &
preparing for our homeschool inspections.
I am constantly creative
– compiling our own homeschool curriculum, decorating the house for
various holidays, making gifts & treats.

Bunny kids

This is the third time that I have brought this book out
as part of our Easter reading list.
Oddly, this was the first time, that I ever realized
what Cottontail was doing with her bunnies.

She was HOMESCHOOLING them !

She taught them to take care of the house, cook & bake, sew & make,
to sing & dance, tend a garden, paint pictures.
They learned to live & work together.

Once she had taught &  been taught by her children, she was
ready to go out & give what she knew to others.
It was time to pursue her
BIG dream.

This makes me think of my many friends who had children first
& then went out to work.  They think their way was
hard because they spent their children’s childhoods wondering
what they were missing in the big outside world.

High Heels

Funny, either you yearn for what you had or what you haven’t had yet.

Bottom line ?

I’ve learned that it’s easier to keep in mind that the
outer world will still be there when my babes are grown &
I will keep on
learning & making & teaching during it all.
I have a sneaking
suspicion that I won’t be that interested
in getting back “out there” after having so many years
of freedom in our little world.

I guess I’ll have to wait & see !

Making for my babes ( with nary a gold shoe in sight !) …



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