Our first Waldorf Doll !

 Ara & her doll

Here she is – my delicious 5-year-old (not-so) baby
on her birthday morning!

Meet Miss Arabella Doll,
the most recent addition to our little family.
She’s already beloved, cuddled, put to bed,
dressed & (gasp !) dragged by one arm.

Arabella Doll "first waldorf doll" "handmade waldorf doll" "waldorf doll"

It took me a very long time to make this doll
(in fact, I started her for my darling’s 2nd birthday….)!
I knew she would draw upon many of my hand-sewing skills
but I never knew how much love
I’d end up pouring into her along the way.

Although I had read the basic instructions on
how to make this type of doll,
the actual construction seemed to elude me –
perhaps because I hoped to make her

Ara dress
I made a point to source the best materials I could
the wool stuffing, cotton jersey for the body & face &
curly mohair yarn from Germany for her hair.
I found the special narrow pink cotton lace
& a handmade flower button in Paris –
sweet adornments for her gingham dress &  pure wool sweater.

Arabella details

Of course, a doll needs a great wardrobe.
Miss Arabella has a dress, wool socks, 2 sweaters, a jaunty hat &
a pair of tiny cotton bloomers
(sewn from a scrap of cotton batiste from my wedding).

ara side

Important – dolly must be able to sit up !
Lots of hair is a must as well …

Ara back

(  A little aside…. )

At a recent craft show, a friend of mine
bought a kit to make a “Waldorf” doll.
Now, she just shaved off a lot of time & leg-work
by purchasing all of the supplies in one spot,
along with detailed instructions
( I cobbled mine together from various books,
a few online sources & a bit of trial & error).

The one thing that surprised me
was that the vendor insisted that a
doll such as  this could be hand-sewn
in less than 10 hours !
Of course, she has made many but I can’t
imagine coming anywhere close to that speed !

another pink hat "waldorf doll sweater" "waldorf doll hat" "knit doll sweater" "knit doll hat"

My greatest challenge ?

Well, beyond actually finishing her…

I’d have to say it was the head & face.
The head had to be stuffed very firmly & had to sit on her
shoulders in a natural way.
The face – let me tell you now –
sew it in the daylight, when you are not tired &
leave plenty of time to create the right expression !

I enjoyed every moment I spent
imagining my little one playing with this simple toy
while I stitched my hopes & dreams into her !

She really is OUR doll.



PS  Of course, I already have more clothes & accessories planned
for this pampered doll !

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2 Responses to Our first Waldorf Doll !

  1. Amy Clark says:

    Your waldorf doll is gorgeous. I can’t imagine the number of hours she would take, but I don’t sew much.


    • Hi Amy

      I didn’t keep track – although I know that time was worth it. The actual sewing wasn’t difficult – you just have to go slow…. & be prepared to take something out if you don’t like how it looks.
      Thanks for the compliment !


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