Knit-a-Farm – A Labour of Love (& Patience)

Knitted Play Farm - Handwork HomeschoolOur beloved

A toy that is played with for over 48 months is a rare thing indeed.  Try finding something like that in a store !  I knit this for my kids years ago & although it felt like it took an eternity (well, it very nearly did…) I enjoyed making every bit of it.

It was a big project – here are some stats…

NUMBER of COLOURS – 15 main & 5 or more for accents (see the veggie garden)

Knit Farm Yarn - Handwork Homeschool

NUMBER of BALLS of YARN – 23 (or more – I lost count) – there were leftovers, which I still use when I need a bit of this or that.  You can never have too many balls of solid, plain wool yarn.



Fields – oat, corn, lavendar, wheat, hay, plowed
Barnyard, Sheep Pasture, Horse Pasture, Veggie Garden, Pond & Meadow
PLUS a knit “stone” bridge, cobblestone walkways, dirt road & river

Knit Vegetable Garden - Handwork Homeschool

NUMBER of DIFFERENT STITCHES – stocking, reverse stocking, looped, ribbing,
intarsia (plus some embroidery in the garden & around the pond)

Knitted Farm - fields - Handwork Homschool

FRIEND I KNIT IT WITH – Amanda – We decided to knit it together so that we could buy the yarn all at once & split it – that was a good idea (see number of balls above !)  It was great to have someone to work along with, especially when your enthusiasm flags a bit on the plain fields (yawn).

Knit Pond - Handwork Homeschool

LONGEVITY – My kids had it out yesterday, still playing with it – 4 YEARS later !!!  It has been used as a farm, a forest (with added trees), a construction site & many other incarnations along the way (note the snakes in the plowed field above – luckily, the snake farm phase was short-lived).  They have even held a gnome-sized treasure hunt.  It is often the centre piece of my storytelling during circle time.  It inspires many storylines for us all.

COST – I have no idea.  The yarn cost around $75 (which was a substantial investment but I was willing to make it in the hopes that this would become a staple of our homeschooling days – see above).  I would suggest that you NOT keep track of your hours on this one !


TIME – I learned that a project like this, which initially looked like a quick knit to me, could take a long, long time.  It didn’t help, that I started wanting to add a bit of this & that over the months!  Even putting the squares together took ages.  Those roads & paths ways & the river represent a lot of knitting that is easy to overlook in the first flush of excitement.

Laying out knit play farm - Handwork Homeschool


– It helped to make lists of yarns needed, squares knit & an overall layout plan (see mine here – I made a nice neat one for you – my original one was little more than a scribble).  I arranged & re-arranged the squares in order to vary the textures & colours on the farm.  My son (then 5) had to be consulted as he had VERY specific opinions on where everything should go.  Choosing the path & road colours took a bit of thought too – they had to contrast enough with their adjoining squares so that they were visible enough.

Would I make another ? – Surprise – I already have !

Check it out HERE ~

Go knit a little meadow – it might make you feel like spring will really come this year after all !

Make Stuff ♥ Be Happy !




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7 Responses to Knit-a-Farm – A Labour of Love (& Patience)

  1. Andréann says:

    It is so pretty!!!
    I did one too this summer… Only I couldn’t get around knitting that much, and cheated; I used old sweater and sewn them together! I’ve tried to find a picture of it on my blog but apparently I can’t find it…oh well!
    Can’t wait to see the other one!


  2. Meaghan says:

    Oh my goodness this is fabulous!!! I made a felt road/city for my boys that goes in and out of fashion. I’d love to knit a play mat like this!!


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    • Thanks so much for featuring my farm! Yes it took a long time to make, but as I mentioned, I’ve already made another …watch for my post about it – which will include INSTRUCTIONS too !



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