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Handwork Homeschool

As a homeschooling Mama, I often have great ideas about all of the handwork I’d like my kids to do.  Handwork is an integral part of our days, I can’t imagine life without it.

BUT  one can get into a craft-rut like anything else.  So I try to push myself to expand their repertoire (& mine too !).

When I introduce my two to a new craft, it’s nice to know exactly how to do it & a little bit of background information before I bring it to them.  Of course, little ones don’t need TOO much added to their lessons but older ones (over 7) enjoy some history & it certainly makes it much more interesting for us all.

The one thing that used to trip me up sometimes ( & often made me skip the new craft – or put it aside for some other time) was that I didn’t have the basic information at hand.  It seemed too daunting to have to look it all up & figure out how to break it into step-by-step instructions, even when I knew full well how to do the craft myself  … and so, I ‘ve created the —

5-Minute Handwork Homeschool Lesson

In each lesson,  you’ll get a “snap-shot” of a craft, the necessary tools & materials as well as a step-by-step basic lesson & some suggested projects.  All wrapped up with lots of pictures !  I truly believe in slow-learning & slow-making but sometimes it’s nice to be able to get into the making part sort of quickly !

1. What is Fulling ?

What is Fulling - A 5-MInute Handwork Homeschool Lesson

2. What is a Knitting Fork ?

Knitting Fork : A 5-Minute Handwork Homeschool Lesson

3. What is Wet Felting?

Wet Felting - Handwork Homeschool

Watch for more
5-Minute Handwork Homeschool Lessons 
~ Coming Soon ~

Start something new tomorrow – you’ll thank yourself  & have some fun too!

Happy Making!

Elizabeth des Roches - Handwork Homeschool


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