Cinderella – A Little Inspiration from Handwork Homeschool (including an annotated book list)

Once upon a time,
a little girl lived in a big butter-cream house
in a small town in France….

Cinderella - Handwork Homeschool Inspiration

That is how we always begin her Fairy Tale.  The day she was born,  everyone wanted to know what she would be called (for I had not told a soul except for her Dada, what her name was going to be).

When I said to my mother-in-law,
“Her name is Arabella”, she said,
“You mean like Cinderella ?”

I had never thought of the link before that moment, but now, it’s a bit difficult NOT to!

She has always wanted to wear certain things (she only wears pink & purple if she has anything to say about it) & if she feels like dressing up in a yellow organza gown, sparkling tiara & pink veil over her pajamas before breakfast, then she’s probably going to do it.  She might even add a candy cane scepter, if the mood strikes her.  Luckily, I like dressing up too & let her don (almost) whatever strikes her fancy.

Over the years, we have built a small collection of Cinderella books that inspire us over & over.

Cinderella - Handwork Homeschool Inspiration
Ella Bella Ballerina & Cinderella by James Mayhew – is a wonderful retelling of the traditional story (with a ballet slant). Perfect for little ballerinas who wish they were old enough to dance in pointe shoes.

Cinderella by Vera Southgate was a thrift-shop find.  It illustrates almost every scene of the classic story, including Cinderella’s days working away in the kitchen.  This has inspired quite a lot of sweeping at our house.

Cinderella by K.Y. Craft – is one of the most exquisitely illustrated books we own.  In fact, it led me to purchase several more books by the same illustrator.  As an historic costumer, I have enjoyed reading this book dozens of times !

Cinderella - Handwork Homeschool Inspiration

Cinderella - Handwork Homeschool Inspiration

Cinderella - Handwork Homeschool Inspiration

Although, we aren’t a “Disney” family by any means, I was pleased when our French babysitter, Gabriella, gave us her childhood version of the story.  The kids really enjoy listening to her read it in french & then translate bits into English for them.  Arabella has an amazing retention rate for princess words (no matter what language they are in) !

Cinderella - Handwork Homeschool Inspiration

I have one book which I can’t wait to share with my little one but I think it won’t be for a while.  I used to sell this book in my store & always thought, “I should get a copy for myself, I might have a little girl who would enjoy it one day”.  Finally, I did get one, before I even knew I was expecting my darling girl….

Cinderella - Handwork Homeschool Inspiration

Cinderella – An Art Deco Love Story retold by Lynn Roberts – is a totally grown-up romp through the roaring 20’s.  I love the ugly step-sisters – decked out in dangling furs & the most divine pointy shoes.  There are phonographs, chauffeurs & a jazz band – it’s all too mahhhvellous darling!

Cinderella - Handwork Homeschool Inspiration

Cinderella - Handwork Homeschool Inspiration

Can you see Cinderella lingering at the left & the
prince seeing her from afar ?

Cinderella - Handwork Homeschool Inspiration

And they lived
Happily Ever After !

Stay tuned for more princess-related books & ideas.
June is royalty-month around here !


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  1. Ginny says:

    I think your Cinderalla pictures are lovely. Especially the last book. I have been thinking about traditional fairy tales quite a lot, as I am in the process of knitting some characters from them. I am also not very keen on the Disney versions, though it is hard to ignore them.


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