Sweet Waldorf Doll Hat : A Free Knitting Pattern from Handwork Homeschool

Every doll (waldorf or not) should have a great wardrobe !

Knitted Waldorf Doll Hat - FREE pattern - Handwork Homeschool

Building a small collection of doll clothes makes playing with dolls much more appealing from a child’s point of view.  (Isn’t that the main reason they always want those plastic dolls ? It’s not the doll – it’s the wardrobe !!)  Different outfits & accessories extends their playtime exponentially – inspiring new storylines or giving them ideas for elaborating upon old ones.

SKILLS for children : Dressing  & undressing the doll teaches the doll’s Mama ( or Dada) how to put clothes on & take them off (obviously…) , how to keep track of various parts of a whole (where is that other sock?) & even how to wash clothes (many kids love getting wet & soapy !).  By adding buttons, bows & even zippers you can provide a young child with a  fun way to practice their fine-motor skills (without them even realizing it).

Knitted Waldorf Doll Hat - FREE pattern - Handwork Homeschool

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One last thing…

Another, less obvious benefit of creating a wardrobe for your child’s doll, is that they too may become interested in designing (& making) pieces along with you.  It’s never too early to start being creative !

Have fun & send me links to any hats you make.  I’d love to add them to my new gallery !

Make ♥ Be Happy !


PS Here’s another peek at Miss Arabella Doll.


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