{NEW} Mini Handwork Projectbook – E-Booklet with Full Instructions

Mini Handwork Projectbook - Handwork Homeschool ©2013

This project is somewhat of a departure for me as it is made out of paper!
Of course, I haven’t completely strayed from my love of fibre.

This tiny, little book is designed especially to keep track of it & all of the
amazing things you can make with lovely yarns.


An enticing yarn store stuffed-to-overflowing with delicious colours & textures…

A craft show with booth after booth of inventive vendors selling the most unusual
buttons & trimmings & so much more…

Simple Supplies - Mini Handwork Projectbook - Handwork Homeschool

Do you get that familiar tingling feeling when you enter one ? That look at this &
ooh, feel this one excitement? You wander around for a few minutes & then it
happens — you spy something that you didn’t know you wanted.  You think,

“This yarn would be perfect for that new cardigan I want to make but … I can’t
remember what thickness I need!  How much should I buy….?!”

That happens to me ALL the time! It never fails, just when I least expect it,
the perfect yarn or buttons or some unforeseen delight jumps up, right in front of me.

Tiny Swatch Card - Mini Handwork Projectbook - Handwork Homeschool

Each time, I vow that I’ll start carrying my “essential” project information with me. This little project has been in my sketchbooks for years (yes, really…) & it’s finally ready.

I’m so very excited to share it with you today!

This project is offered as one of my Subscriber Treats.  

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Add this project to your Christmas “Ideas” list –
it takes only a few minutes to make,
uses basic (& inexpensive) materials &
is fully customizable, too.

Give it as a small token of your friendship
or make it as a treat for yourself!

Happy Making !



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2 Responses to {NEW} Mini Handwork Projectbook – E-Booklet with Full Instructions

  1. Maureen Richard says:

    What a great idea Elizabeth! With just a little bit of fun work I can have my project ideas close at hand! Too often I have not bought something because I wasn’t quite sure about color, size etc. Or, spent too much money on something that did not work – usually it could find it’s way into another project but not always.
    Also looking forward to The Making Lessons II to get back to planning handwork projects/lessons for my children.(and me!).


    • Glad you like it! I was JUST thinking of you – I’m looking forward to the next Making Lessons too!

      PS You could have your kids make their own mini projectbooks too to keep their own ideas in – especially once they start coming up with their own projects!


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