Autumn-y Reading – An Inspiring Book List from Handwork Homeschool

Wild Child - Lynn Plourde - Handwork Homeschool

This book has got to be our hands-down favourite Autumn-y book!

Of course, there are others that we enjoy reading in the Fall…
It seems that I’ve somehow managed to have a couple of kids who have very strong visual tastes.  Since my babes were young they’ve been quite discerning when it comes to what books they like (& don’t like).

the story grabs them & we end up reading the book almost to scraps – I have a special roll of tape just to put those favourites back together!

Other times,
it’s the images, the colours & the textures that pick them up & send them sailing away to another time or place.  These books get mysteriously hidden in secret places, so I won’t put them away at the end of the season!

In the Land of Elves - Daniela Drescher - Handwork Homeschool

Here are a few books that fill one or both of my kids’ particular criteria.  

Maybe your’s will like them, too!

1. Wild Child by Lynn Plourde has the MOST magical illustrations – part optical illusion, part nature personified.  The story is great too – my kid’s love the fact that “Autumn” doesn’t want to go to bed.

Wild Child - Lynn Plourde - Handwork Homeschool

2. The Autumn Story – Brambly Hedge by Jill Barklem

This is probably THE quintessential fall story for us… the illustrations are so detailed, you can look & look & still find new things to see.  My daughter likes to admire the handwork projects that the lady mice are working on in their little homes, while my son enjoys the “cut-away” views of the tunnels that the mice live in.  (I love the clothes & interiors.)

The Autumn Story - Brambly Hedge - Handwork Homeschool

3. Pumpkin Soup by Heather Cooper

Here’s a book that you might want to read first & decide if it’s right for your smaller kids. Three friends live in a house & one decides he wants to shake things up a bit, a disagreement ensues & he leaves home.  There are a couple of dark pages that add a bit of tension to the story but nothing terribly scary.  All is well in the end…. almost!
We love the pumpkin-shaped house & the soft, fall colours.

pumpking soup

A few more titles that grace our reading shelf this season…(check out the slideshow!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Being rather an artistic type myself (with a firmly entrenched book “problem”), I can always be counted upon to buy a few new inspiring books each season.  That’s how I’ve built my homeschooling “library”.  Living in France has made it a bit of a challenge as there aren’t many bookstores which carry any books in English.
But it’s all good – Amazon to the rescue!

My stash grows in leaps & bounds & you can bet that I’ll be showing more of it to you in the future.


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Handwork Homeschool - Elizabeth des Roches



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