The Littlest Hedgehog – A Knitting Pattern from Handwork Homeschool

Littlest Hedgehog - FREE knitting pattern - Handwork Homeschool ©2013

I once met a tiny hedgehog in a Waldorf school, many years ago.  The teacher had borrowed him from a friend to introduce him to the little ones of the class.  He was so cute & very quiet. Most of the time, he sat on her lap all curled up into a little ball, as there were a lot of hands reaching out to touch him, mine included!

Since then, the only live ones I’ve seen have been scurrying away into the shadows when I happen to be out after dark for some reason.  On the other hand, pretend hedgehogs are pretty easy to come by around here – they are very popular in France.  Toy versions come in all styles & I have bought quite a few hedgehog Christmas ornaments (oh, & BTW owls are popular as festive ornaments, too !)

Littlest Hedgehog - FREE knitting pattern - Handwork Homeschool ©2013

They are such quiet little beasts & rather shy.  This fall, I thought I’d like to make one (or more) for our homeschool.    Here is a little KNIT one I made to use as a story prop during circle-time.  He often visits us when a soft-spoken character is needed during one of my stories . He also enjoys spending time in our garden & likes to hide among the pinecones on our Fall Nature Table too !

The Littlest Hedgehog

This project is perfect for a quick gift or
a tiny addition to your story-telling basket.

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Littlest Hedgehog - FREE knitting pattern - Handwork Homeschool ©2013

Every month, I pick an animal (or a group of animals) to focus on for my daughter’s “lessons”.  She is only 5 but really likes to think that she has a formal learning time the same as her older brother.  September & October are our forest animal months. We learn about foxes, squirrels, bats, mice, wolves & of course, hedgehogs!

Here are a few of the books that I’ve collected in the last couple of years that we enjoy in the Fall which feature hedgehogs.  I’ve also pulled together a small collection of hedgehog poems & stories from various sources which round out our “studies”.
It’s nice to focus on an animal that isn’t quite as well-known as some others like cats, dogs, rabbits etc. once in a while.

Hedgie's Surprise - Jan Brett - Handwork Homeschool

Hedgie's Surprise - Jan Brett - Handwork Homeschool

I adore Jan Brett’s work, this is one of her earlier works (2000) but it already has her signature borders.  This time, each image in this sweet story about a cheeky hedgehog, greedy Tomten & chicken longing to have a family, is surrounded by intricately drawn needlepoint (see, I can always find a way to bring things back to handwork!).

Hedgie's Surprise - Jan Brett - Handwork Homeschool

We also love Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle…

Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle - Beatrix Potter - Handwork Homeschool - Hedgehog knitting pattern

with the beautifully detailed images that show
everything that went into a wash day 100 years ago &

Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle - Beatrix Potter - Handwork Homeschool - hedgehog knitting pattern

what a well-dressed little girl would have worn.

A certain someone in my house,
has now asked me to put a pinafore on
my “To Make” list for Christmas!

Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle - Beatrix Potter - Handwork Homeschool - hedgehog knitting pattern

This tiny book is all about an inquisitive hedgehog
who insists on staying up to see what wintertime is like.
Such gentle pictures & a sweet story, too!

Winter Hedgehog - Ann Cartwright - Handwork Homeschool - knitting pattern hedgehog

I really enjoy finding inspiration for handwork projects
in the books we read.  There are many more on the way, which I’ll
be sharing with you as soon as they’re ready!

To make sure you get them – click on the LETTERS & pop in your info.



Happy Making !







The Littlest Hedgehog was first published on Handwork Homeschool – ©2013

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6 Responses to The Littlest Hedgehog – A Knitting Pattern from Handwork Homeschool

  1. aw lovely little hedgehog 🙂 The picture of Lucie having tea made me smile because I had a plate on the wall of my childhood bedroom with that image on it. Such a lovely story


  2. heathermama says:

    what a cute the jan brett books.


  3. ~ joey ~ says:

    I love these! Thank you for linking up! This may just be the project that helps me advance past scarves! We love Jan Brett’s books and Beatrix Potter as well!
    ~ joey ~


  4. Maureen Richard says:

    Elizabeth – That little hedgehog is so cute! I can’t decide if I’ll make one for the kids or let them do their own. We also love Hedgie and Jan Brett (‘The Hat’ is one of our favorites).
    It would be fun to see a live hedgehog one day!


    • Hi Maureen
      I think you ALL should make one! You might have to help your kids with the shaping but since there are only a few increases & decreases it’s a nice way to introduce them to the idea gently. There is something very exciting about building curves into a project, it seems very advanced (& it is definitely a step beyond beginner knitting!)
      Send me pics!


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