Christmas Reading (Part 1) – A Festive Book List from Handwork Homeschool

A Gnome's Christmas - Handwork Homeschool For the last 9 years or so, I’ve been adding a few new books
to my ever-growing Christmas reading pile.
At first, I brought them out & read them to my children
as & when I felt like it.

After a while,
I realized that it was MUCH more fun for them when

I brought the books out ONE at a time!

Oh, the anticipation, the wonder –

“When will the christmas tree book come?”
“Remember the one about Santa when he was little?”
“I love the one with the knitted hats!”

Wild Christmas Reindeer - Jan Brett - Handwork Homeschool

So, a couple of years ago I stored all of the Christmas books away in January (I used to leave them out & about all year) & then started bringing out just one Christmas related book each day starting on December 1st.

I always start with Father Cat’s Christmas Tree because November is “CAT” month at our house so this book links the two months nicely.  December is (not surprisingly) “REINDEER & DEER” month which sometimes includes a few other little forest animals or winter-y creatures.

Here are the first 5 of my collection…
Click on an image for more details.

Happy Christmas-time!


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