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We love a reason to celebrate at our house, even if we’re one of the few who are doing it.  It’s still viewed as a mainly “American” holiday but Valentine’s Day is definitely catching on here.   I saw more than a couple of sheepish looking guys darting out of the grocery store yesterday with bouquets of roses.

One thing that always makes us feel really festive are the traditional songs that go with the various special days – Christmas carols, Happy Birthday, a few Hallowe’en/ Harvest songs but Valentine’s?  Until now we didn’t have a themed song..

With my kids growing up, it’s getting harder to find Valentine’s books that aren’t too simple/babyish for them. I really hit the jackpot with The Ballad of Valentine!!

The book features a witty combination of words & images that will appeal to almost everyone.  The story is all about a young lass named Valentine & her love, who is desperately trying to send her a Valentine greeting.  The text is set to the tune of “O My Darling, Clementine” & is so catchy that my babes sing it constantly.  The best part is listening to them warble it out in their best “hillbilly” twang – almost makes me want to get them a banjo (but not quite….!)  If you’re looking for a fun book for the boys in your life – this is it.

As I’ve mentioned before, I like to collect holiday-themed books a couple at a time & give them to my children as gifts. Here is our current Valentine Collection.

These books are filled with simple gift-ideas, inspiring images & lots of sweet love.

Happy Valentine’s Day !!

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  1. pfollansbee says:

    Thanks for this great list of books that are your favorites. We just got ‘The Ballad of Valentine’ and look forward to reading it tonight! I love the little knitting hedgehogs!
    Happy Valentine’s Day in France! Hope you are all well!
    Maureen Richardd


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