The Perfect Homeschool Curriculum (+ FREE Planning Sheet)

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The Perfect Homeschool Curriculum
doesn’t exist, yet…but it will some day.  


Many years from now, when I look back on these busy weeks & months, filled with circle times, lessons, stories & make-believe play,  I know that the curriculum that I’m using will have been exactly what my children needed.

Of course, that future is far away. It’s so easy to get caught up in searching & planning & thinking in the here & now.  I find it so tempting to keep trying to create the perfect lessons or projects.  Do you have those nights – when you’re supposed to go to bed but you just “need” to spend a few more minutes on Pinterest/Amazon/The Main Lesson?

When I first started homeschooling, I thought I’d find the Perfect Curriculum.  You know the one I mean, the one where you just order up one big book & everything is in it – amazing, age-appropriate lesson plans for each of your children, step-by-step instructions for how to teach them, pages of exciting art & handwork projects, maybe even a little “Clean-Up Fairy”  who will flit about at night tidying up while you sleep… Ha Ha!

Homeschool Planning - Handwork Homeschool


A homeschool curriculum is not a sweater that I can finish knitting or a trip that I can make & come home from – it is an ever-evolving, living experiment.  It’s taken me quite a while to come terms with that fact. I will always be teaching my children – forever.

Once I realized that there is NO absolutely RIGHT way of engaging my kids or teaching them basic concepts, I started to relax & find homeschooling much more rewarding.

Homeschool Planning - Handwork Homeschool


Researching, gathering cool ideas & designing projects that speak to my children is a lot of work & a lot of fun.  I used to feel like I had to tick all the boxes to be a good homeschool Mama/Teacher.  Now, after 8 years, I am definitely way beyond worrying about working within the confines of just one curriculum!

I challenge any homeschooler to say that they use only ONE source – for everything!  Are you kidding?  Even those who are devoted to a particular educational method or packaged curriculum find that they are cherry-picking here & there, tweaking things to suit their interests or those of their children.

The way I see it, that is the whole point of even bothering to homeschool – why spend all of this time & do all of this work if it doesn’t feel right?

One of the biggest challenges for homeschoolers is getting & then STAYING organized. Have you ever been sorting through a stack of papers & found something that would have been fabulous for the lesson you just finished!?

If you are melding more than one curriculum or even better, writing your own, you have to stay on your toes.

Decades of being in school & running my own businesses have taught me the value of a good set of FORMS.  They may seem restricting (all of those boxes & lines) & in most instances, I’d run a mile from a fill-in-the-blank sheet but taking a few minutes to put together a basic set has saved me so much time.


Weekly Homeschool Planning Sheet - Handwork Homeschool FREE


In the spirit of sharing with fellow homeschoolers (& those of you who just like being organized) I’m offering you my Weekly Homeschool Planning Sheet

– you can download a blank one for yourself in the
Handwork Homeschool Resource Library :: HERE


How I Use my Weekly Homeschool Planning Sheet

  • I PRINT out about 6 sheets at a time, in COLOUR (yes, it makes a difference!)
  • Then I FILL in the basics – the dates, lessons, important events &/or appointments
  • Next, I TRANSFER my monthly themes, yearly & monthly goals, projects I want to finish, etc. from my Master Planning Sheets to the Weekly sheets when I’m planning my month
  • There are two rows in each section, one for each child
  • I don’t include times for each activity (other than appointments)- they make me tense
  • This gives me a base to start from – of course, things don’t get done or get delayed (like, always…!) but at least I have an easy to see OUTLINE of what I’m going to do each day – it also reminds me of various recurring activities that might otherwise be missed in the bustle of the week
  • Once I’ve got the sheets started, I punch holes in them & put them in my Monthly binder along with copies of the verses, poems, stories I plan to use each week
  • Every night (or right after I’ve finished our lessons) I make a few quick NOTES – what we actually did, any observations I made that I want to remember, other details that might come in handy later on
  • Another very good reason for using Sheets like these is that they are invaluable when I’m planning the same month for the following year.  Also, since I have two children, they will allow me to easily plan my second child’s lessons, when the time comes.

Obviously, this is only one part of my homeschooling planning, but it’s one of the key steps I use to keep things running smoothly.

This Planning Sheet works with any style of homeschooling, for any age children – whether you use a professionally written curriculum, you’re writing your own as you go along or don’t have one at all.

I’m still working away on my Perfect Homeschool Curriculum – when I’m done, I’ll let you know!

Any questions about the Sheet ?  Just EMAIL me & I’d be happy to answer them.

Make Stuff ♥ Be Happy !


P.S.  This sheet is meant for YOUR personal use, ONLY.  Please enjoy it responsibly.

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