Bunny Books – Easter Reading at Handwork Homeschool

Marshmallow - Bunny Books - Handwork Homeschool - Easter Reading   Each year, the Easter bunny/hare brings my kids a new book to add to our Easter/Eostre reading list.  As they are getting older, she’s finding it a bit harder to come up with books that they a) don’t have already & b) still find interesting.  This year, their books aren’t exactly Easter books but they do stick to the bunny theme. Both are reprints of wonderful award-winning, vintage titles. Marshmallow (above – first published in 1942) is a sweet story about a little bunny coming to live in a home where the resident cat isn’t very welcoming.  Funnily enough, we’re playing out almost the same scenario at our house right now!  Our sweet little Aurora is trying to make friends with her new big kitty sisters but they’re still not too sure who this little puff of fur is & why she wants to follow them around!  (I keep having visions of Garfield & Nermal!) Bunny Books - Handwork Homeschool - Easter Reading - Rabbit HillMy son’s book, Rabbit Hill ( first published in 1944) is definitely going to be right up his alley!  It’s all about the animals that live in the neglected garden of a Big House that has stood empty for a long time.  They are delighted when someone moves in & things begin to change – for the better. ( Haven’t read this one yet – will let you know how it goes…) easter egg book - Handwork Homeschool Jan Brett We love books around here & so our collection grows at a swift clip.  Check out our complete Easter/Eostre reading list HERE. Country Bunny Last year, I also wrote about a book that grabbed hold of my imagination when I was just 5 years old & has held tight ever since, The Country Bunny & the Little Gold Shoes. Sending you happy wishes for a wonderful weekend filled with love, a bit of time for yourself, a good dose of excitement & a hint (or more) of spring! signature::

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6 Responses to Bunny Books – Easter Reading at Handwork Homeschool

  1. pfollansbee says:

    I think my 8 year-olds will like Rabbit Hill. Here is one you might like
    The Easter Egg Artists by Adrienne Adams. -lovely drawings and a sweet story!
    Thanks so much for all your wonderful posts about books!
    Maureen Richard


    • Thanks Maureen! I’ll check out your book – I’m always on the look out for great books!
      My husband has started reading Rabbit Hill to the kids & when I came into the room, they were absolutely riveted – a good sign that this one will be a hit.


  2. Patty says:

    Rabbit Hill was one of my favorite books! Enjoy!


  3. Happy Easter Elizabeth!
    Blessings you & yours


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