Form Drawing, Knitted Lace & Unicorns

{A Bit of Year-End Planning}
Grade 3 Knitting - Knit Lace - Handwork Homeschool

Focus on ONE thing for a month…

I read this somewhere a couple of weeks ago, just as I started to plan the last 6 weeks of lessons for my kids before we take our summer break.

For some reason,
this idea has crept into my head
& taken hold….

So, I’ve decided to set myself a Wild Waldorf Mama challenge.

As a Waldorf-inspired homeschooler, I’m completely onboard with the idea of teaching subjects in blocks.  I always try to make sure that we’re working on a solid ACADEMIC block & then add complementary activities (art, handwork, games, poems, songs, movement) to “round” out my 10-year-old son’s lessons.  My goal is to create lessons that ignite his mind, inspire his heart & move his hands (& body).

After years of immersing myself in the Waldorf method, I’m quite OK with teaching one topic for several weeks.   What I’m NOT used to is purposefully focusing MY own research/studies on only a few things instead of everything all at once!!

To make things even MORE interesting –

I’ve toyed with creating a NON-ACADEMIC main lesson block for over a year.  Finally, I’m going to dive in & really concentrate on one topic that doesn’t sit squarely in the academic realm!!

Yes, you may well draw a deep breath of shock or maybe – excitement?

OK, I must admit that it won’t be just one topic but three.

(I know myself well enough to know that ONE would never work (baby steps, right ?)!)
The Tale of the Unicorn - Handwork Homeschool

Form Drawing – Knitted Lace – Unicorns

How’s that for a strange group!?

Let me explain…

I plan to weave these 3 wildly different topics together in fun & informative ways that’ll capture my son’s interest & carry my daughter along with us (she’s 6 so she hasn’t started her formal lessons yet).

How will this challenge work ?

Most people post their lesson plans after they’ve taught them (I always read them – don’t you ?) but it seems like it would be a bit more exciting to share tidbits as we go along so…

Over the next few weeks, drop in to see how & where I gather information, how I work unicorns (& a few other mythical beasts) into our lessons, what my planning outlines look like (for a late kindergartener & early grade 4) & some of the inspired ways that I’m hoping to teach my not-so-little boy more advanced knitting skills.

Since I’m a trained artist & seasoned knitter with a degree in Medieval studies (among other things) – there’s no telling how it will all come out in the end!

Check back soon or join Handwork Homeschool‘s  subscriber’s list today to keep up with the goings-on!

Happy Making !

P.S.  There are likely to be some patterns included, too!!



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6 Responses to Form Drawing, Knitted Lace & Unicorns

  1. pfollansbee says:

    How fun for you and your children! I am looking forward to hearing all about it – your planning and how they like it!
    Maureen Richard


  2. arabianknits says:

    Wonderful! I would love to see how you work this lesson planning out.


  3. cynthial1956 says:

    Sounds like your children will have a very fun last few weeks of school. I homeschooled (unschooled) my daughter and loved every minute of it. We would take a subject and fly with it until we had enough. I look forward to seeing how this works for you!


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