A Call to Yarns….

kkn3 When I was in university, I majored in Mediaeval Studies.  I was fascinated by the language (mostly Latin with a bit of middle English), the clothes (yes, I’ve made more than a few mediaeval gowns), the philosophy (I LOVED reading The Pearl), the art & architecture (of course, I’m surrounded by the real thing now…) & the Crusades. I particularly enjoyed  learning about Eleanor of Aquitaine – now SHE was a woman after my own heart ! Not content to sit home, she packed up her household & made the months-long trip to the holy land to see what was going on, first hand.

She was considered by many to have been the most powerful & enlightened woman of the 12th century. A champion of the arts, refinement & culture  – her taste & style were legendary.

Eleanor of Aquitaine - by KY Craft - Handwork Homeschool These days, I feel sort of like a crusader myself – although without the horse, heavily embroidered gown or magnificent tapestries (Hmm, must work on that…)!  Over the last few years, it has become more & more apparent to me that handwork is one of the MOST important things I can teach my children.

Knitting is one of the oldest fibre arts & still holds my fascination – tempting me after decades of making sweaters, hats & toys.  Lending itself to all skill levels, knitting always offers another creative avenue to explore & more ways to challenge yourself.  The fact that it’s good for your head, heart & hands makes it even more appealing!

Today, I wrote about my Kids Need Knitting “quest” over on Andrea’s great blog –

Waldorf Salad & Cottage Fries.

I included pictures of some of my son’s Grade One knitting projects
& gave a few, teeny hints about my
ALL-new, one-of-a-kind interactive Knit-Along E-course.

Pop over to see what I have in mind for:

The Knit Lessons - Handwork Homeschool For the FULL story, with all of the exciting details CLICK HERE!

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The KNIT Lessons - Handwork Homeschool Happy Making !

P.S. That amazing picture of Eleanor was painted by one of my favourite artists – K.Y. Craft.  Have you seen her children’s books?  Two words. Extraordinary beauty.

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