Winding a Ball of Yarn: A 5-Minute Handwork Homeschool Lesson

“Centre-Pull” Ball 

Here is a quick video which will show you
how to wind any yarn or string or ribbon
into a “Centre-Pull” ball.  

This is the way that yarn is SUPPOSED to be wound.  However, quite a lot of the time the manufacturer buries the starting end way in the middle of the ball & when you try to dig it out – the ball falls apart… frustrating.

You can do this to any fibre but it  is an especially good technique for yarns that are:

a) fuzzy (like mohair)
b) delicate (like mohair or fine lace weight yarns)
c) slippery (like ribbon or mercerized cotton)

Once you’ve wound your yarn like this, the yarn that you are working with comes from the centre of the ball so it stays neat & tidy until the ball is almost finished & the yarn is protected within the outer layer of yarn.  If you take a while to finish a ball up (because you only get a few minutes to knit at a time…), this will keep your yarn looking fresh & new & make your project look even more professional.

I wish I had learned this technique about 20 years earlier than I did – especially when I started buying yarn in skeins!!

You can teach this technique to any child from about 6 years & up.  It is a bit tricky re-positioning the ball as you wind & it takes a bit of concentration to not drop it.  If you have a child who really wants to try it, start the ball for them & let them have a go once it’s about the size of a golf ball.

Happy Making!


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