{ VIDEO} Knit Lace – A Short Introduction

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to knit LACE
watch this short video to learn HOW!

Knit Lace for Kids - Handwork Homeschool - Lace CowlMy son knit this sweet cowl for his older sister.

His sister takes great pride in telling her 20-something friends that her 9-year-old brother made it!

He was nearing the end of Grade 3 when he made it &  was very proud to finish a project that is beautiful, very versatile & absolutely functional.

It was the perfect way to introduce him to knitting a lace pattern – quick enough to avoid frustration & long enough to allow him to really learn the stitch with just a hint of a challenge to keep him interested.

I’ve made a video to show you How to Knit a basic Lace Pattern – it’s MUCH easier than it looks!

Looking for some more “knitty” inspiration?

Check out my NEW course – The KNIT Lessons

Happy Making!


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3 Responses to { VIDEO} Knit Lace – A Short Introduction

  1. pfollansbee says:

    How inspiring! He did fabulous work!
    Thanks for the lesson – can’t wait to try it.
    Looking forward to hearing more about your Knitting Making Lessons and I may retake your regular Making Lessons for planning the next school year- is that in July?
    Maureen Richard


    • Hi!
      Glad you enjoyed the lesson – I love how lace looks & the fact that it can be so easy makes it a wonderful skill for kids to learn. Details about The Knit Lessons are on their way.

      Yes, you’re right the next session of The MAKING Lessons will begin on July 13. That course is definitely great for planning your school year. Mark your calendar!


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