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The KNIT Lessons - Handwork Homeschool

When you first heard about Waldorf Education, how long was it before you found out that even the youngest children are introduced to the Fibre Arts?

That children from the first grade are taught to KNIT as part of their regular lessons?

You probably had one of these reactions:

The KNIT Lessons - Handwork Homeschool






The KNIT Lessons - Handwork Homeschool







The KNIT Lessons - Handwork Homeschool







A few moments later you might have asked,

“What makes it so important, anyway?”

Followed by,

“Hold on, what do you mean – 7 year olds can knit?”


A Few Kinks in My Plan

Ten years ago, I was in your shoes – I had read about the many academic, social & physical benefits of knitting – all of which could enhance my children’s education & well-being.
Like you, I’ve always wanted to give them the best education that I can.

My son was only a baby (& my daughter was yet to be born) but I decided that if a “whole” education included handwork & knitting, then of course I would do it.

I figured that I had years to prepare & would have a head start because I knew HOW to knit & also a lot about the craft – I’d read a ton of books, taken many workshops, trawled knitting shows & kept some pretty good notes along the way but…

my Happy-Ever-After-Handwork story took a sharp detour when I realized that I had NO idea how to present knitting to my children in an interesting way.

I didn’t know when to introduce different skills & techniques or what sort of projects would make sense for them considering their different ages & personalities. So, I kept putting off that first lesson (sound familiar?). I was an accomplished knitwear designer & my own son wasn’t knitting.  Even worse, he was heading towards 6 ½ ! I could feel the stress creeping in as each day passed.

Some of these realizations were what inspired me to design my master course, The Making Lessons last year. The Lessons guide you from dreaming about the Fibre Arts all the way to easily creating unique handwork experiences for your children.

I’ve taught that course three times, to 100’s of students from all around the world & I keep hearing the same thing –

“Now that I understand what knitting can give my children,
I need to learn some easy & effective ways to
teach them the actual craft.
I want to have fun too, so it would be great if I could learn to
make things that will be challenging &
keep me on my toes a little.
Can you help me?

cherry shadow

Picking Up My Needles

Always keen for a challenge, I happily dove back into my books, gathered some beautiful yarns & my favourite needles & KNIT up this unique knit-a-long / e-course for you.

Before I describe the course, let me tell you a short “yarn”…

Up until a few decades ago, most children were taught to knit at home or at school (& not just in Waldorf schools…). They knit for fun & to help others – they used their hands to MAKE real things that were useful, beautiful & best of all – appreciated by others.

Nobody talked about what knitting does to your child’s brain or how it can enhance creative abilities. I’m not sure that they would have – even if they were aware of these things. There was enough time to include knitting daily because it was viewed as a basic life skill. Knitting was just something you taught a child, like tying their shoes, riding a bike & spelling their name.

The KNIT Lessons - Handwork Homeschool

Casting On

Fast forward to the 21st century & we feel that we have a lot more to teach our children. We break life down into subjects & lessons which are backed up with long “must learn” checklists. It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed when confronted with the masses of information we now have access to, thanks to our digital world.

The last thing we want is yet another thing to try to squeeze into our busy days.

One of the goals I am constantly striving for in my own homeschool is a balanced day. I want to feel that my children are enjoying learning AND living at the same time. Instead of pulling things apart & compartmentalizing them – I’m working to put them back together & make connections.

Everything feels easier this way.

Linking doing & thinking together gives us more time to focus on what matters most & helps my children learn more deeply.

What if I told you that knitting can do that for your days?

WILD idea – I know!! But indulge me for a moment…

The KNIT Lessons - Handwork Homeschool

More Than A Few Stitches

When your child learns to knit, his hands have to learn how to hold & move the needles (aka fine motor control – necessary for writing), he has to count stitches (you know what that’s good for) & he has to pass the yarn across his body (strengthening
eye-tracking which is key for easy reading).

A knitting child’s brain is wide awake & ready to deeply drink in information.
Read to her while she knits & see how much she can recall later on.

You know that time just before dinner, when you’re tired, your kids are clingy & you wish you had your own “replicator” from Startrek (Earl Grey Tea, hot…) to erase the cooking time?

Pop some knitting into their hands & you’ll gain a few moments to collect your thoughts while they “smooth” their edges & add a few rows to their projects as well.

Even better, put a pot of noodles on to boil & knit a bit yourself!!

The KNIT Lessons - Handwork Homeschool

How The KNIT Lessons Came To Be

Once I decided that KNITTING was going to play a central role in my homeschool, I
started searching for a complete, step-by-step course that would explain the
Whys, Whens & Hows of teaching my kids to knit.

It became obvious pretty quickly that such a thing didn’t exist!!

After weeks of searching, I’d found some You Tube videos, a couple of blog posts & a few paragraphs buried in the odd knitting book.

Not much to go on…!  Well, I thought,

“I’ll just have to make it myself.”

Click below for a quick tour of The KNIT Lessons 

The KNIT Lessons - details Handwork Homeschool


Knitting Up A Dream Course

If I needed this sort of thing, I knew that YOU’D be out there too, looking & looking.

So, I got busy & put together a list of everything that I’d want to see in an
interesting, imaginative & interactive course.

An All-in-One Experience.

Might as well make it fabulous, right ?!?

Here’s a sneak peek of how I “mindmapped” the course…(CLICK the image)

The KNIT Lessons - Handwork Homeschool


*** Read about my amazing brainstorming session in PARIS – HERE!

Row By Row

Now, lean in close
& let me tell you about The KNIT Lessons.

When I set out to design this course, I wanted to create something that I’ve
never seen before.

Remember when I said that I’ve been focusing on connecting our homeschool lessons with our everyday life? That same theme played loudly in my head while I drew up these lessons.

The KNIT Lessons - Handwork Homeschool

Oh, did I mention that you’ll be creating your own Tell -Tale Playscape that you’ll knit during the course?

Yes, it’s hard to imagine spending your time & energy to just knit a few
swatches (= boring!) & pretty unproductive, don’t you think? So, you’ll learn as you make & you’ll end up with a great, totally personalized toy/teaching aide as well as a deep understanding for this timeless fibre art.

The KNIT Lessons - Handwork Homeschool

All Wrapped Up!

Since I’m all about keeping things easy, fun & valuable
– I’ve designed this course to be flexible with SMALL customizable knitting projects that will all come together as create your own AMAZING heirloom-quality Playscape.

You’ll get step-by-step videos, creative prompts, full instructions for all projects, downloadable patterns & much more!

I know that we all come from different handwork backgrounds & have different skill levels, so, it only makes sense to offer you a way to work at your own pace & learn what you NEED to know & make the kind of Playscape that YOU (& your kids) want

a farm, a fairytale land or a combination of the two!


The Summer 2014 Session of
The KNIT Lessons

If you want to join the Fall 2014 session, read on…

The KNIT Lessons – Make Your Story 

The Knit Lessons will be presented in TWO separate parts
starting on October 8, 2014.

You can enroll in Part ONE or Part TWO or BOTH (you get a better deal that way!).

Once you’ve enrolled, you’ll receive a materials & tools checklist so that you can peek in your stash or pop down to your favourite Local Yarn Store to gather everything you’ll need to knit along with your class.


The KNIT Lessons – Part ONE

Babes ‘n’ Yarns – A First Foray into the Fibre Arts

Begins October 8, 2014

Perfect if you are:

  • looking to explore the fibre arts in the Waldorf “way”
  • ready to learn to fingerknit (3 ways!)
  • hoping to make your own knitting needles
  • interested in sharing the fibre arts with children 0-6 years old

Here’s your special Early Bird Enrollment Button (CLICK the button below) :

The KNIT Lessons


The KNIT Lessons – Part TWO

Tell-Tale Knits – From the First Stitch

Begins October 30, 2014

Perfect if you :

  • want to learn to knit (or need a really good refresher course)
  • want to learn how to teach knitting to children 7+ years old
  • want to deepen your understanding & enjoyment of this timeless fibre art
  • would like to create your own knit Playscape complete with props & figures

Here’s your special Early Bird Enrollment Button (CLICK the button below) :

The KNIT Lessons - Handwork Homeschool



Begins October 8, 2014

** This option includes both Part ONE & TWO.


*** BONUS ***

Be one of the FIRST 20 students to enroll for the COMPLETE course BEFORE
October 8
& you will be eligible for the very cool, BONUS Lesson ~

How to Write a Fantastic Container Story

You’ll get all of the tools & tips you need to write an engaging story that you can wrap around your lessons, use your new PLAYSCAPE as a backdrop & add some wonder to your children’s days.

Here’s your special Early Bird Enrollment Button (CLICK the button below) :

The KNIT Lessons - Handwork Homeschool



Here are a few more details of what you’ll get when you enroll in the entire course.

This is truly an All-in-One Experience & when you’re done, you’ll be feeling confident & ready to happily share the joys of knitting with your children.

The Basics (Everything you Need to Know)

  • Why Knit? Why Handwork?
  • Exploring Fibres – which ones to use & why?
  • Finger Knitting (3 ways)
  • Making Your Own Knitting Needles
  • Beginning Techniques ( Cast ON, Knit, Purl, Cast OFF)
  • Stories, Verses & Rhymes (enhance your lessons & write your OWN!)
  • Signs that your child is ready to knit (Checklist)
  • Shopping Lists – (materials & tools)
  • Annotated Book Lists (my core titles)

The Extras ( To Make Things Even More Fun…)

  • Introduction to Simple Shaping Methods (increasing & decreasing)
  • Basic Stitch Patterns (ribs, checks, stripes & textures)
  • How to Read Patterns (learn the “secret” knitting language)
  • Methods for Finishing Projects Beautifully
  • Colour (simple & complex combinations)
  • Importance of Making Swatches
  • Sewing & Stuffing Pieces
  • Sharing Your Knitting with Others (gifts & charities)

The Bonuses (YES, you get more…!)

  • Knitting Goes Deeper (inspiration, visualization & relaxation)
  • Recording Your Thoughts & Progress (in your own KnitNotes Ideabook ™)
  • Observing Your Child (preparedness, skills & emotions)
  • The Science of Knitting (how it affects your mind & body)
  • Overcoming Obstacles (keeping them interested, fixing mistakes & more)
  • Writing the Perfect Container Story for YOUR Children
  • Knitting Through Time (a jaunt through historic knits)


A bit about me…&
Handwork Homeschool

I’m a Wild Waldorf Mama, seasoned Homeschooler & Vintage Crafts Explorer who was inspired to create Handwork Homeschool in 2010, when I spirited my family away from Canada to a small village in rural France.

Handwork Homeschool is a one-of-a-kind virtual school, where global students explore & experience the Handwork Arts while learning the most engaging ways to share & enjoy them with children.

Everything I do is coloured by my innovative “Making Matters” approach.

I swirl the
art, craft & science of fibre work together
with a few lessons, a lot of inspiration & a dash of the unexpected.
Next thing you know,
a simple, enjoyable & memorable way to
share handwork with children materializes,
as if by magic!


The KNIT Lessons - Handwork Homeschool

Still have questions?

Email me NOW & I’ll tell you more…

Happy Making!


P.S. Want to take a quick tour of Paris with me ?

The KNIT Lessons - Handwork Homeschool - PARIS
Read about my amazing brainstorming session HERE


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