A Tale of Two Mamas & the Children They Knit With

(+ mini Knitting Blog Hop!)

Handwork Homeschool Grade One Knitting

I think there are 2 kinds of homeschooling Waldorf  Mamas when presented with the idea of teaching their children how to knit those who are thrilled because they finally get to share a fibre art that they adore with their little ones ~


those who are stricken with a sense of panic (tinged, perhaps, with a bit of overwhelm) when they try to imagine just how they are going to learn such a apparently complicated skill in order to share it with their children.

These two Mamas may seem to be polar opposites but I tend to disagree.

You see, I’ve been teaching people how to knit for quite a while & just about everyone has begun with some level of trepidation (whether they started off as
a total novice or not).

It just seems to be part of the learning process.


The wonderful thing is that anyone who really wants to explore knitting
steps beyond those first few moments of hesitation & into a world of soft fibres,
vibrant colours & endless creative possibilities.

Those who wish to teach others how to knit, take another brave jump beyond
themselves & into a realm of studying technique (you have to know exactly what
you’re doing when you knit, if you want to teach someone else how to do it),
personal reflection (looking closely at how you feel while you knit helps you convey those emotions to your child) & unfettered imagination (every knitter I know starts planning new projects almost as soon as they begin the one they have on the needle!)

Lately, I’ve been writing a lot about knitting because I just finished designing my newest course, The KNIT Lessons.

It has just begun & it’s a lot of fun!

While I posted some of my thoughts here on my own blog, I’ve also been invited several times over the last few months to “guest blog” elsewhere by other Mamas who agree that knitting is incredibly important for all kids (& adults, too – I might add!).

A mini KNITTING blog hop !!

You can check out the post that I wrote for Andrea

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The KNIT Lessons - Handwork Homeschool

This next post was hosted by Becca, who teamed up with me to put together the most  AMAZING all-in-one knitting kits for my course…

Kids & Knitting Go Hand In Hand at Cedar Ring Circle

The KNIT Lessons - Handwork Homeschool

Just a couple of days ago, Kelly over at Lavender’s Blue Homeschool shared my post –

First Grade Knitting – Why Wait?

The KNIT Lessons - Handwork Homeschool

As you can probably guess, I’m pretty passionate about knitting & teaching it to children.

It makes me feel good to know that my work is helping children learn how to relax, make things they can be proud of & add a bit more creativity to their lives!

Happy Summer – here’s hoping there’s a bit of knitting in it!





P.S.  Along with writing,  I’ve been doing a lot of research about knitting lately.  That always means that I get great ideas for fab knitting-related freebies.

Of course,I’ve popped them all into the Handwork Homeschool Resource Library &  I have a feeling that there are some more on the way!!

Interested in getting some? Click HERE!



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7 Responses to A Tale of Two Mamas & the Children They Knit With

  1. Christine N says:

    My for year old periodically asks me to let him knit. I try to teach him but he gets impatient and frustrated too quickly. I’ll teach him once he’s in grade school though. Great post, thank you for the resources!


    • Yes, waiting until your son is older will make all the difference!!! There are some great fibre activities you could share with him while you wait. I teach them all during Part ONE of The KNIT Lessons – “Babes ‘n’ Yarns”.


  2. This is so inspiring. I’ve tried teaching my daughter to crochet, but she’s a leftie, which makes it a bit hard for me to teach and she has a little trouble with coordination. I’ll be following your blog to get tips for how to make it enjoyable for her and how to introduce knitting! (Visiting from the Creative Friday linky)


    • The best tip I have for teaching a leftie is (assuming you’re right handed) to sit in front of her rather than beside her when you’re showing her how to knit (or crochet). It’s like looking in a mirror & she’ll use HER dominant hand the same way you’re using YOURS! Also, get 2 sets of coloured needles (if you’re knitting) – split the pairs & each take one of each colour. She holds the red in HER left hand & you hold it in your RIGHT hand etc. When speaking – talk about the “red needle” rather than your “right hand” needle. It’ll make a lot more sense that way!


  3. This is wonderful, thank you. I have been wanting to learn, and teach my daughters, too! This might help me get over ‘the hump’ and go for it 🙂


    • I sure hope so! It seems that the hardest thing to find these days is time!! That’s one of the reasons why I wrote this course – to save you time – time in searching for How-Tos & time trying to figure out how to teach these things to tour kids. It makes a lot more sense taking the time to share these wonderful activities with our kids – don’t you think?!


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