Christmas Reading (Part 3) – A Festive Book List from Handwork Homeschool

Christmas book list Handwork HomeschoolBooks play a HUGE role in our homeschool !!
The holidays are a great time for books,
I often read during our lesson time in place of something
more “academic” & always later on in the afternoon
by the woodstove.

We have so many festive books
that I’ve started sorting them into themes –
here are some of our animal books


Christmas Book List Handwork Homeschool - the Christmas Wish


This book was a complete surprise for me ( I’m a confirmed Polar Bear lover) – the stunning scenery, the story line (an inquiring little girl has an amazing adventure) & the clothing (while wearing adorable alpine outfits).

I could read it every day of the season!  It’s also a great favourite of my wild, little girl, who just happens to have blonde braids, too!



Christmas Book List - Handwork Homeschool - A christmas wish

See what I mean ?!?

Here are 4 more books from our Holiday Reading collection.   I always like to see what the illustrations are like in books as they can really bring the story to life for my kids, especially those who can’t read just yet…

So, I’ve included a few pages for you to see if these stories might suit your family.

Click on any image to enlarge it.

You may be wondering just HOW we have so many books – well, I’ve been collecting for quite a while (some are from my own childhood).

And –

each year, each child receives 2 holiday books under the tree, one from my husband & I & the other from Santa.  It’s become a tradition that I hope to continue for some time to come!

Do let me know if you have any others you think would fit well into our collection.


Happy Holiday-time!






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3 Responses to Christmas Reading (Part 3) – A Festive Book List from Handwork Homeschool

  1. Jayne says:

    I love books, particularly childrens books. I read them myself by choice. My children love Findus. I will have to look for the polar bear book – oh my, how gorgeous is it?! Thanks for sharing – I always love a childrens book list!


  2. ardenwoods says:


    Your site is looking really great.

    I am not sure you remember–I met you through Pink Elephant..and I am homeschooling in Los Angeles!

    I have started a zine called “Homeschoolers Like Us” spotlighting Moms and Dads–and why they homeschool–and would LOVE to interview you if you are up for it! It would also promote your site to the general Los Angeles Homeschool community who will be alerted to this zine.

    Happy Holidays–and again Handwork Homeschool looks stunning! : )

    xoxo Nysha


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