Let the Creative Questing begin !

Make your DREAM Project Real

Be incredibly inspired, wildly creative & happily productive.

 Creative Questing - Handwork Homeschool Make your DREAM project REAL

So, you read that & thought,

“I’d love to but… my DREAM project is big & has lots of moving parts. When I think about it, it makes my breath catch & my mind quiver at the same time.  Secretly, I want to do it with all my heart… “

Let me tell you a bit about your DREAM project that maybe no one has ever told you before. 

Your DREAM project exists solely to help you in some way.

It is actually a spiritual container for your soul challenges & life skills.

They’re waiting for you inside your DREAM project, for you to creatively experience & master them.




 Why is your DREAM project so unique?

It’s a special gift meant just for you.

YOU are the only one who can explore it and if you don’t – it will NEVER be manifested because it can only come into reality through YOU!

Your DREAM project PICKED you for a very special reason.

Is your DREAM project :

  • a book
  • a creative portfolio
  • a new business
  • renovating your house
  • starting your homeschool
  • or some other creative idea that’s right up your alley ?


Thinking about your DREAM project can feel a bit like trying to envision the size of the universe.  It seems simple enough at first but the longer you think about it the blurrier it gets.  That’s only because it’s something you haven’t experienced yet – how can you get a handle on something so nebulous?

The trick is to slow down & take things step-by-step.  Astronomers study the universe – each star, each cloud & each entity one at a time.   Then they share what they’ve learned, so we can all enjoy their discoveries.

Right now, your DREAM project lives in dreamland – where it’s very cozy & can float around being all fluffy & hazy.  You know it’s not going to just suddenly land in your lap one day, all wrapped up in a pretty package!

You have to get to know your DREAM project, bit-by-bit, making it real at your own pace.

That’s the whole point of even having it in the first place, learning, stretching, experiencing & enjoying yourself while you do it.



Realizing your DREAM project is an excellent challenge, really exciting, a bit scary, totally fulfilling & changes your perspective on time, creativity, success & what’s important in your life.

The best way to do it is to have a customized plan.

One that wraps perfectly in & around YOU & your life – the way it is right now.

Where can you get this one-of-a-kind plan?

Well –

This is where The ART of CREATIVE QUESTING shines! 

Inspired by the structure of an ancient quest, Creative Questing helps you prepare for, follow & complete your DREAM project.  You go at your own speed, use the methods that speak your language & weave it seamlessly into your daily life.   Let it be your teacher

The cool thing is that during Creative Questing, every step of your journey is mapped out using interactive tools that you make yourself.  It makes so much sense to answer your DREAM project in your own way – after all you’re the only one that can do it!

Yes, you still walk along the learning curve.  You just get to do it in the light with guides & your special Questing Kit – rather than groping along in the dark all alone.

Creative Questing is more than a course to help you be more creative – SO MUCH more…

This sort of Quest is not one of distance but of awareness, exploration & self-mastery.  You can do it anywhere & any way you like.

Once you’ve learned the rhythm of Questing, you can use it again & again – each time refining your techniques & expanding your creative prowess.



CREATIVE  MYTH Busting 101


Many people believe that creating is some mysterious act – that only certain people are good at it.

They say that either you’re born creative or you’re not.  Period.  End of story.
That couldn’t be farther from the truth!  Everyone is creative in some way, everyday.
It’s as easy as getting out of bed & choosing what you want to wear that day.

Where things get interesting is when you wake up one day & realize that you’ve got a DREAM project in your heart.

But that’s the point – right?



Some say that being deeply creative is selfish (especially if what you want to do is paint or write or do something that doesn’t appear to immediately benefit someone else).

Let me tell you that EVERY creative act makes you feel/look/be – a better version of yourself.  And then someone else benefits because of how you’ve changed & grown.

Which causes a delicious ripple effect, whether you realize it or not!



You’ve heard that one right?

These days you can find someone else who has done what you want to do already online in a couple of minutes – so why bother?

They may have dealt with a similar theme or used materials & tools that you like to use too – but they are not YOU!

It is impossible for two people to create the same thing. 

Anyway, they don’t have the same DREAM project that you have, so you’re not even on the same page.



This one has been around a long, long time.

I used to believe it until I started to deconstruct my DREAM projects & realized that only certain parts of my projects needed to be completed in solitude.

Very little of a DREAM project needs peace & quiet – in fact, too much silence can cause your project to stall & go stale.



Time. Energy.  These two seem to go hand & hand.

Everybody has the same amount of time in the day – it’s how you decide to balance it that makes the difference.  Being aware of your priorities goes a long way in opening up
never-before-seen chunks of time in your day.

Energy can neither be made nor destroyed.  I learned that in science class & remember it still.  Your energy moves in cycles as does that of everything else.  The earth, moon, sun, animals & every other person in the world has their own cycles.

Tap into your energies & watch what happens!






You’ve seen many movies about journeys & quests.  Have you ever really thought about what sets them apart?  Both involve going somewhere, seeing new places, meeting new people & usually a few good stories .

Where they part ways is their WHY.  Someone setting out on a journey just wants to get from Point A to Point B with the least effort & preferably on time.

As a “Quester” you take a trip but it rarely goes in only one direction (there are often times when you double back or spiral around) & there is always an element of learning.

You may have a timeline, you may not.  That’s up to you.


Opening Up Doorways of Possibilities
– into New Worlds &  Amazing Ideas


The most exciting part of a Quest is discovering the treasure you’ve set out to find.  The treasure is your completed DREAM project, wrapped in the new skills & strengths that you’ve developed along the way!

During your Creative Quest, you will learn many practical skills & share insights into your own creative mind & body.  Learn about the new scientific evidence that explains what’s actually going on in you when you make things – very exciting!

Yes, there really is a technique to successfully complete a creative project.  And it doesn’t include wandering around aimlessly, hoping that you’ll magically do it one day if you think about it long enough!

Every DREAM project has stages that it must pass through on its way to completion, just like the arc of a good story.    You think, you begin, you make, you complete.  You repeat.

During your Quest, you’ll receive a KEY to each stage which will help you explore & learn more about each in turn.  Some stages may be very small, or much bigger, a few you may only enter once for a project, while others, you may return to throughout your entire quest.


This is what you’ll learn.


  • How to recognize your DREAM project.
  • How to know exactly what to spend your time on.
  • YOUR optimal times for heightened energy & creativity.
  • How to stay motivated.
  • How to explain to your family & friends what you’re doing.
  • That pursuing your creative dreams is good for everybody.



Learn how to consciously NAVIGATE your creative & life energies so you pick the most powerful moments to spend with your DREAM project.

Measuring & anticipating your project’s progress feels amazing.


Explore how to peacefully BALANCE your time so you feel like you have the perfect amount of time for all of the important things in your life including your DREAM project.

Special project time is more restful & relaxing. ( I’ll show you how to find this elusive bit in your busy life.)



Practice intentional selectivity so you can FOCUS on your DREAM project.

Honing your creative passions makes you far more productive.



Your Creative Quest

The first Creative Questing experience begins on
March 20.

You can begin your Creative Quest in one of 3 ways.

NOVICE QUESTER (one moon cycle) 

You’ll get:

  • a basic training on how to Make Your DREAM Project Real
  • a self-paced experience (fit the lessons into your days when it suits you)
  • a private online environment where you can interact with all learning materials during your quest
  • a unique step-by-step method to guide you through the creative process
    – learn it, tweak it & own it !
  • multi-media lessons including videos, slideshows & pdfs
  • downloadable templates to create your OWN Questing Kit
  • lots of encouragement to keep you on track & focused on your DREAM project

We’ll cover these topics (& MANY more !)

  • the 8 distinct stages of a creative project
  • how to track & understand 8 main energy cycles
  • where your inner creative cycles intersect with the outer cycles of the earth, moon & sun & why that matters
  • how to harness these cycles to increase your creativity & productivity
  • new practical ways of looking at your days to see where you can make space for making
  • that every project is made up of many little steps not GIANT leaps
  • how to strengthen your resolve, even when others around you don’t share
    your DREAM
  • how to talk to yourself so that you remember why you want to bring your project into reality & how you’re going to feel when it’s completed
  • that creative people thrive when they plan how they are going to be creative


To become a NOVICE QUESTER  ( $57 US ) click below:

Creative Questing


ADVENTUROUS QUESTER ( 3 moon cycles)

You’ll get all of the above PLUS:

  • extra videos that explain how to use each of the tools in the Questing Kit in detail
  • further exploration of the 8 stages of a creative project – we’ll go deeper & you’ll see how everything fits together so beautifully
  • my private email address  – I’ll give you all the virtual handholding you’d like
  • an extended period of access to course materials (3 months instead of only 1)
  • a group Creative Questing Pinterest board where we can share images of our projects-in-the-works & other things that pique our interest
  • an annotated book list (the ones I think are best after 25 years of studying creativity & energy cycles)

AND –  something I’m really looking forward to (since I love Pinterest)

Tell me about your DREAM project & I’ll set up a PRIVATE Pinterest board just for you & me – together we can add inspiring images, discuss your direction, brainstorm.

Two heads are often better than one!

To become an ADVENTUROUS QUESTER  ($ 77 US) click below:


Creative Questing Handwork Homeschool


– limited to 6 spaces *

You’ll get everything offered to an ADVENTUROUS QUESTER PLUS:

  • a 4-month mentorship with me to work on your really BIG DREAM project
  • 3 – 60 minute private SKYPE calls during your Quest (the next best thing to brainstorming in person)
  • 30 minutes of email time each month during your QUEST
    (for check-ins & guidance)

And the very COOLEST part –

5 DAYS with me in PARIS to celebrate the

Yes, you come to Paris & I’ll show you around!

Just you & 5 other Questers – in Paris for only one reason – to be inspired!

What better time than the turning of the seasons to give yourself the gift of dedicated time to experience new sights, sounds, tastes, feelings?

We’ll all get to know each other before the trip via skype so I’ll be able to tailor our time to suit our interests & you’ll be able to imagine everything in a little bit more detail.

Anticipation is almost half the fun!

Fabric, yarn, vintage finds, paper, flowers, museums, art galleries, architecture,  flea markets, clothes, jewellery, colours, scents, food …. I could go on.

If you want to write a book, start a blog, open a shop, design a clothing or accessories business, get a head start on your DREAM project or just open yourself up to see what comes to you – this is the choice for you!

I know my way around Paris really well (I’ve been there about 12 times in the last 5 years or so) & I’ve discovered some amazing, out-of-the-way places that are NOT in the guidebooks.

Each day, we’ll spend some time on the Creative Questing process as a group.  You’ll learn so much from each other & just think of how lovely it will be to be to be in Paris with other creatives!

The rest of the time we’ll visit & wander various places & sites around the city.

Oh & you’ll also have two private 60 minute sessions with me during our trip to fine tune your DREAM project.  Sitting together, over a tea (or 2), we’ll make some serious magic!

* The investment at this level is $477 US.  A payment plan is available.
This level does not include airfare, insurance, accommodations, transportation or meals.

Dates for the Paris trip are June 20 – 26, 2015.

* This level is by application only.

If you are interested in becoming an EXTRAORDINARY QUESTER this summer,
email me HERE & we’ll set up a tete-a-tete to chat !




Which ever level you choose, remember this – 

That being creative & productive must go hand-in-hand – the two together form an unbeatable duo.

Invite them into your life & you’ll feel much happier, be healthier & radiate good vibes for your loves to bask in!

** A bit of fine print **

After you enroll… you’ll receive confirmation of your payment within 24 hours.

You’ll also receive more information about your Creative Questing experience depending on the level you have chosen.

Please tell me if you wish lessons & correspondence to be sent to an address which is different from that which you use for your Paypal account in the instruction box.

I do hope you join me on our first Creative Quest !
It’s going to be so much fun!

Happy Making !





P. S.

Your DREAM project wants to teach you something. Are you going to find out what it is?


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  1. Samantha says:

    Wow! Let me go catch my breath…


    • I know ! It’s so exciting to finally be able to share the tangible ways that I do my creative work. My biggest challenge has been honing them down so that they are easily translatable to any DREAM project. I’ve been doing these things for decades so I figure it’s time to share them … It’s hard to type because I keep wanting to jump up & down!


      • Samantha says:

        Hello Elizabeth,

        I’m anticipating not having internet access for most of the month of April. Can you suggest a work-around for this situation?



        • Hi Samantha
          If you enroll as an adventurous quester – you’ll have 3 months of access to all of the content – you could get started in March & resume when you have your internet access back. This experience is definitely one that you’ll want to think about & let percolate so having a break in the middle will be fine.

          Really, although I’m focusing mostly on how to design a productive & fulfilling creative practice you’ll see how the ideas spread beautifully across your whole life. I even thought of adding the word “lifestyle” into the title…

          More questions ? Feel free to email me & we can sort something out!


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