How Creative Questing DREW me to 3 Businesses, 2 Babies & A New Life in the Old World

Creative Questing - Make Your DREAM Project Real - creativity & productivity training for homeschool mamasIt’s easy to drop creativity into
the “extra” file in your mind.

When an idea for a project pops into your head (as one does more often than you’d like to admit) – do you feel a little bit guilty?

Wonder if anyone else knows that you’ve indulged yourself in a mini-daydream for a moment?

Immediately, you think, “WOW!, FAB! , amazing !! — maybe later”…

What flavour is your Creativity CAKE?

Why do we feel that being creative is the “icing on the cake” when it’s actually –


The mouth-watering triple-decker cake that we should be serving ourselves everyday… & not just a wafer-thin piece, either, but a BIG, delicious slice!

Do you know that your DREAM project (that’s the one that swirls around your daily tasks & into your night-time fancies) is actually GOOD for you?

They say that light is a nutrient.  I think CREATIVITY is too.

You NEED to be creative the same way you need to eat, breathe & sleep.

For some reason though, people have made us feel that it’s a bit naughty to “indulge” in creative acts –perhaps, they’ll look the other way, if you can prove you’re a card-carrying artiste.

Your DREAM project is a cool mix of
physical, mental & spiritual ingredients!

What if I told you that deciding to finally make your DREAM project real will change everything for you?

The way you experience time in your daily life,
how you feel about being with your family,
your sense of self-worth & contentment,
how you answer the small voice in your head that keeps saying you SHOULD do that project but doesn’t tell you how to do it….

All that from one project?  YES!!

What exactly IS a DREAM Project ?

It’s a self-motivated idea that you want (no, let me re-phrase that – NEED) to realize.

Everything comes from within – the idea, the creation of the project, the timing, the scary bits, the motivation & the final fulfilment.

It can be something tangible like a book , a custom-designed sweater or a piece of art, it can be a complex goal you’ve set for yourself like starting a new business or writing a blog or it can be having the guts to homeschool your kids even though nobody else you know does it.

What sets your DREAM project apart from
“regular” projects is the fact you really
LOVE the idea of doing it
– you actually tingle when you think of it!

You could spend all day & all night working on it & never get tired.

You know it is IMPORTANT for you to do it.

Quite often, others don’t understand what you’re going on about – assuming you tell anyone at all.

So you screw up your courage to share a teeny bit of what’s been swirling around in your head with a dear one.


They say “helpful” things like:

“Why bother”? 

“Aren’t you already swamped just handling your daily stuff?”

“Couldn’t you just buy one for less”? 

“Why don’t you hire somebody, who knows what they’re doing, to do it?

Oh & here’s THE BEST ONE

“Great, but will it make you any money?”

Most likely, they don’t mean to hurt your feelings or belittle your creativity but all the same you feel deflated.  Your beautiful, gently rising creativity cake falls flat – it probably looks more like a doorstop than a dessert now!

The Dawn of Creative Questing

In the old days, when I navigated all of my conflicting emotions & various states of energy to complete a project, I was always so proud of myself as I emerged victoriously clutching my latest project in my hands.

Realizing a dream project feels FANTASTIC.

Yet, even though I was able to complete projects, there was something that lingered around the edges.

What still bothered me was that it felt like I was fighting my way through each project – battling to find the time, the ideas & the sheer willpower to keep going until I was finished.

I asked myself –

Where was the euphoria of creating?

The states of uninterrupted “FLOW”? 

The blissful hours of making beautiful things? 

In films & novels, it looks so easy & smooth & FAST!  There aren’t any kids or dinners or lessons or housework.  I’m pretty sure Mozart wouldn’t have leapt up from the piano to do the dishes!

That’s when I started looking back on the notes I’d been writing for years, scouring my books & spending some serious time re-visiting my best projects in my mind’s eye –

trying to sort out what I did that made those few seem effortless.

For decades, I have been honing my creative practice (my treasure)
– testing, experimenting, listening, feeling & recording my findings.
Along the way, I didn’t spend a lot of time gathering it all together.

The steps were there but I hadn’t found the path – YET.

I used to think a creative act had to include paint or pencil or yarn.  My definition of creativity has expanded considerably during my explorations.

After all, the definition of CREATIVE is simply:

“The process of bringing something
new & original into being.”

Now, I know better & can see potential Creative Quests wherever I look.


Creative Questing - creativity & productivity training for homeschooling Mothers


A Portfolio of DREAM Projects

So, you may wonder, would I be able to follow a Creative Quest to realize MY project?  Does it have to be big or altruistic or take years to accomplish?

Nope! Your Quest will fit you because it’s yours but it will take you into some new territory because the whole point is to learn something, right?

Read ON…

Here are some of  my best DREAM projects which I am very proud to have realized (so far) through Creative Questing & the treasures I discovered.  Granted, they are sizeable ones, yet I worked on each step-by-step.

3 Businesses

My first business,  founded when I was 21, was a ladies casual clothing company based in Toronto.  I had the clothes manufactured in India & sold them wholesale across Canada.  I was the head designer, CEO, trend forecaster, leader of a national sales team, shipping girl in the warehouse, accountant & tea maker.  You name it, I did it.

Takeaway Treasures ~

  • Go slow at first until you’ve gained your footing.
  • Designing takes more than just sitting down & drawing – you have to observe, curate & then filter what you’ve seen through your own lens.
  • You have to make your work your own.

My second business came to be a few years later, after I met my muse on the beach in Vancouver one day.  She & I thought a small gift shop themed around my love of history would be a great idea.  I moved with my then boyfriend (now husband) to a small town east of Toronto & ran my specialty gift-shop for 12 years!

Takeaway Treasures ~

  • We love learning in non-traditional ways (ie. no classrooms, no exams, lots of inspiration)
  • Our natural energies ebb & wane (speaking to 1000’s of people a month meant I had a front row seat to see how people act/think differently depending on the time of the month & year).

Creative Questing - Creativity & Productivity training for homeschooling mothers
My third business is this one, Handwork Homeschool, my virtual school. I’m on a Quest to design something beautiful & unusual here, where I can spread the word about the wonders of handwork & creativity around the world.

Takeaway Treasures ~

  • Handwork is SO much more important to us than most know – it changes how we think, act & feel.
  • Creativity cycles & spirals through us in rhythmic ways.  We have a personal pattern we can follow if we take the time to learn it.

2 Beautiful Babies

Now, you might think this would be an odd thing to find on this list but it makes sense for me.  Twelve years ago, I was told, flat-out, by several highly trained doctors & specialists, that I would NEVER bear children.

As you can imagine, that didn’t sit very well with me & I set out to find my own way.

I studied, I searched, I experimented, I meditated & I manifested.

Back then, I didn’t know how powerful this method is – in fact, I didn’t realize I was even creating a method!  As you can see – it worked pretty well for us !

Creative Questing - creativity & productivity training for homeschooling mothers


Takeaway Treasures ~

  • Never let someone else tell you what you are capable of achieving.
  • Define your own route to success.
  • Focusing on one thing at a time creates stunning results!

A NEW Life in the OLD World *

This is another DREAM project that you might not immediately recognize as being creative but I can assure you that a LOT of imagination went into making this one REAL.

So, my husband & I renovated our 3-storey Edwardian home in Toronto, sold his business, organized the international purchase of our new house in France (in a language we weren’t fluent in), packed up & shipped our belongings over the sea, moved our little family partway around the world & explained WHY we were doing it to our friends & family.

(* NOTE :  This was a super-charged DREAM project & we realized it in SIX months! )

YEAH, that one was BIG !!   But…

You don’t have to pack your suitcase
to realize your DREAM project !

A DREAM project doesn’t have to defy traditional medical methods or span continents.

Not at all – it’s not the scale of the project but the PURPOSE of it that makes it THE one for you.

If your heart is yearning for it – then it’s perfect for you.

Seeking your DREAM Project out, wherever it may be hiding, drawing it toward you & enticing it into being is an amazing art.

One which I wish everyone would master.

Like anything worth practising (& practise you must!), there are particular skills that come together to form this art.  That’s what you’ll learn on your Creative Quest, repeatable skills & techniques that help you chart your path through your DREAM Project.

And then do it for your next dream & your next.

You don’t have to GO somewhere different – you just have to THINK differently to begin your Creative Quest.

Once you have a better understanding of how realizing a DREAM Project actually happens everything becomes so much clearer.  You know when it’s time to work, what to do & in what order & how to keep your energy levels up to keep yourself moving forward towards your goal.

A Lot More Spring in Your Step

OK, I’ve made some bold statements here – about how setting out on a Creative Quest can change your life.

I believe in them wholeheartedly.

I’ve been incubating this DREAM Project – Creative Questing – the method of how to align your mind, spirit & body to make important things happen – for a very long time.  It’s time for me to share it so you can join me.



Obviously, your DREAM project is going to be different than mine & how it turns out will be entirely up to you, however, I can help you create your own customized map to smooth your way on your Creative Quest.

Here’s something to think about:

Creative people excel when
they PLAN how they are going to be creative.


To find out more about the
3 levels of Creative Questing Experience
which I’m offering this Spring click HERE.

By the way….

There hasn’t been a better time to start your QUEST than this weekend !

Did you know that the universal creative energy is at a crazy, super high right now?

The combination of the SUPER moon, vernal EQUINOX & solar ECLIPSE are better aligned to help you draw your DREAM project closer to you more easily & smoothly now than they have been in YEARS!

Take a moment, right now – close your eyes & think of your DREAM Project – set an intention to work on it this spring.

That’s your first step – now, let’s look at the next… join us as we start TODAY !

Happy Making !





P. S. Instead of waiting for something to happen – take control & MAKE it happen!

Click HERE to find out what kind of Quester you are.


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