Golden Hares & Dancing Bunnies – Our Easter/Eostre Reading List

Every year, as my children get older,
I find it more & more challenging to find books to give them as
part of our festive celebrations.

The Song of the Golden Hare Easter books - Handwork Homeschool


This Eostre/Easter season is no different.  I was beginning to despair of ever finding something beautiful after spending ages wading through all of the cartoon character books “dressed up” for Easter… untilI found these books!

The Song of the Golden Hare (above) has got to be one of the most powerful books I’ve ever read that touches on how humans & animals interact.  The illustrations are exquisite.  The story is compelling & other-worldly.

Perfect for my (big) boy who dreams of spending his life with animals as often as he imagines the vast (coal?) mines he hopes to own one day.  He is a picture of contrasts,
as most boys are at 11.  This book will touch his heart & entrance his mind.

The Song of the Golden Hare Easter books - Handwork Homeschool


Having nursed my babies for close to a decade(!), I was particularly enchanted by
this image.

I still read to my babes so every book I buy has to speak to me almost as much
as it does to them. (The background intrigues me too, must try drawing it.)

The Bunnies Ball -  Easter books - Handwork Homeschool


This book was on page One Million (well, not quite but it felt like it) of my Amazon search.
I could only find a used copy but I just HAD to get it when I saw the illustrations!

The Bunnies Ball -  Easter books - Handwork Homeschool

Umm, rabbits wearing pantalettes & a corset !?  And Monsier Bunny wears “HARE” tonic ?

Yes, I know, personified animals aren’t the “waldorf” thing but you know I can’t resist anything with beautiful costumes & neither can my daughter.

At 7, she knows more about historic dress than I did when I was 16… the furry one with the big ears will have to leave a note explaining why it’s not new.  I don’t think she’ll mind!

The entire book rhymes & every page is sweeter than the next.  This one will be treasured for years.

These 2 books will join the carefully-curated collection that I’ve been putting together for almost 10 years.

If you’d like to see the rest of our titles click The EASTER BUNNY below.

easter egg book


Hope you have a wonderful Easter/Eostre season with just the right amount of sunshine balanced by yummy treats & happy babes!

Happy Spring!



Subscribe Mail image.P.S. If you like the looks of Jackie Morris’ illustrations – check out her other books.

I have the ICE Bear (just had to buy a book about polar bears ) & it is amazing!

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8 Responses to Golden Hares & Dancing Bunnies – Our Easter/Eostre Reading List

  1. Ginny says:

    What a lovely selection of books. My children are older now, but I really miss reading with them.


  2. woolythymes says:

    fabulous illustrations….you are never too old for good kiddie-lit! these are all gems.


    • Yes, I plan to keep them safe for my kids’ kids like my Mother did – I still read the first book I ever read ( I must have been 4 or so) with my daughter – “Ann Likes Red” a 60’s classic


  3. greenfreaks says:

    thank you for the book ideas! 🙂


  4. J. S. Oxford says:

    Lovely books for the season. I love rabbits/hares. They’re so spring— and, er, plentiful. Beautiful illustrations, though. 🙂


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