4,460 Ideas & Why Idea Curating is So Much Fun !!

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Yee-haw !!

Yesterday, I noticed that I had 1,003 Pinterest followers!

I’d like to send a heartfelt thank-you to every single person who chose to follow me!

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It’s so exciting to know that people from all around the world are enjoying the 4,460 things  (so far) that I’ve found interesting &/or beautiful enough to pin. For as long as I can remember, I’ve tried to add beauty to the lives of those around me – now I can do it for people everywhere!

When I was young, I made endless cards & small gifts for those I loved.  As I grew up,
I built a 19-year career in retail & wholesale, selling things that made others happy.

One of my favourite aspects of those worlds was “curating” ideas.  Sifting through thousands of images, colours & products to find the perfect ones for my clients.  Putting everything I experienced through my own creative prism; refining – curating.


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Somewhere in between being a little kid & entering the work force (at the ripe age of 16),
I stumbled upon the concept of idea files.  Most evenings & weekends, everyone knew that I’d be holed up in my room, pouring over magazines.

Some I’d rip up, sorting specific pages into categories & adding them to a growing stack of 3-ring binders.

Others, the special European ones that cost a small fortune, would be saved – pristine. Really, those were more like books to me, so the thought of cutting them up verged upon being sacrilegious.

Not all of my ideas came from magazines.  I’d sketch & take notes after seeing a movie or while watching celebrities sailing by with their entourages when I worked at the airport.

Travelling, too.  I’m sure people wonder why I’m taking pictures of shop windows.

Ideas, get ’em while they’re hot!

(* NOTE * for those of you who have grown up in the internet age :: in the “old” days, cutting-edge ideas were hard to come by… I even took photographs of the TV screen if I wanted to remember an amazing outfit on a fashion runway with a REAL camera – can you imagine?  It all seems rather archaic now…!)

You know how some people are drawn to gardening or playing an instrument?  How they always seem to be gravitating towards some aspect of their main interest?

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Well, one of my “things” is IDEAS.  I love them.  Look for them all the time & put
a lot of energy towards keeping track of them.

And they give me back a lot of inspirational energy.

My ‘idea’ obsession has been particularly helpful while building my businesses, homeschooling my kids & doing wild things like renovating old houses in France.

Case in point –

Soon, I’ll be diving into my massive clipping collection

– probably 100,000 pages – collected over the last 30+ years

to start brainstorming a look for our new master bedroom.

I must admit, that the 3-ring binder system dropped by the wayside pretty quickly.  I was spending too much time organizing & not enough time dreaming – so I opted for filing cabinet drawers filled to the brim with clippings. It’s going to take a good, long time to go through them all – but you know, I’m looking forward to it!

My husband has already rebuilt the walls (they are just stone, hay & mud – yes, we’ll call it mud – although there may be a few “mysterious” farm-y ingredients!), layered them with traditional lime plaster rendering & they’re almost ready for their finish coat & paint.   Maybe some electricity & heat might be nice, too.  Oh & a ceiling.

In case you’re wondering… Here’s a before shot (actually, it’s a ‘right now’ shot)

Classic french bedroom with real lime plaster, 100 year old beams, fireplace... handwork Homeschool


I can’t wait to sleep in this room.

The 2 big windows, the fireplace (!), wide floor boards – you would not believe how many images I have that look like that in my idea files !!

First, I’ll pull together a “bedroom” idea file & start to sift through it, seeing what jumps out at me.  Then I’ll make a look board.  It’ll help my ideas gel as well as give my husband a chance to finally see what I’ve been imagining for the last 5 years.

Have you heard about look boards or vision boards?

There’s a reason why they’re so popular.

It’s because they help you visualize what you’re looking for in life.  You might not want exactly what you see in a magazine but take 20 or 30 pictures, pull an element from here & a colour from there, mix them all up & add a dash of YOU – then wait.  Often, before you know it, the very thing you were searching for turns up in your life.


Nowadays, everywhere you look, inspiration is jumping out at you.

You probably don’t buy a lot of magazines.  Why bother when you’ve got
the world at your fingertips? Take Pinterest, it’s your own personal magazine
& it’s FREE!

So if you’re looking for a hit of creative adrenaline, pop on over there,
do a quick search, see what’s calling to you.

A word of caution…

the next time you log onto Pinterest.

Remember to only pin things you really, really love.

Skip the “maybe I’ll need this one day” pins,
scroll past the “hmm, this is sort of interesting, I guess…” pins
& exercise a bit of self-control.

Choose carefully & curate your ideas because
it’ll make a difference in your life.

Happy Idea-curating !!






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  1. Maureen Richard says:

    How exciting to be renovating, and planning for the next steps for the master bedroom – maybe you will be in that room soon! Good luck sorting and dreaming about what it will be! That part really is as fun as being in the finished room!
    Maureen Richard


    • You are so right, Maureen! I LOVE planning but try not to do it too soon because then I just keep on & on. So, I’ve held off until it started to look like completion is imminent. When I put up my “look” board for a room, my husband knows that it means he has to get going. After 21 years of restoring old houses & buildings, we’ve built a few systems to keep us moving along….


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