He’s All A-Flutter Lately + A NEW Felt E-book (A Spring Treat for You)

Felt Egg Tangram - felt e-book free Handwork Homeschool

Yes, we have bird-fever around here.  It started last spring & without any notice,
my son has suddenly developed the most fervent adoration for feathered fowl!

So, I designed a small bird/egg felt project for my kids.  They adored it ! Who knew
I could still find a way to interest them in playing with their felt boards…?  

Felt Egg Tangram - felt e-book free Handwork HomeschoolYou could have blown me over with a feather (ha ha!) !

I have a sneaking suspicion that his current obsession began with this book, which I
innocently bought at our local charity shop for my husband’s birthday.

slice of organic life - Handwork Homeschool - chickens & fowl

I would find my son poring over the pages of just a few sections (this book is a treasure trove of handmade/homemade/organic ideas – all set up in bite-sized sections)
– the poultry, pig & cow ones, in particular.  There were times when he told me he couldn’t do the lesson-work which I had assigned for him because he was too busy studying about farm animals!

As you can imagine, I didn’t pull him away too quickly.

Talk about self-directed learning.

Likely, there will be some birdy-business going on around here in the next year or so, but the birds will have to wait since my husband has just started showing signs of

Felt Egg Tangram - felt e-book free Handwork Homeschool

In the meantime, I created this simple felt tangram project.

Both kids (7 & 11) enjoyed choosing the colours, cutting the pieces & most of all manipulating them into various bird shapes.

( *** A small aside *** I’ve been thinking how everybody posts “styled” photos of projects…I thought you might like to see what my kitchen REALLY looks like when we’re in full-making-mode. )

Several years ago, I made them giant felt boards & had started to wonder if they’d
ever play with them again as they got older.  Looks like we’ll be seeing them around for a good while longer & that I’ll have to come up with some felt ideas for pigs soon, too!

Springtime Egg
Felt Tangram Treat

I’ve posted the 6 page E-book (complete with step-by-step photos & a printable egg template) on my Handwork Homeschooler Treats page, here on the blog.

Felt Egg Tangram - felt e-book free Handwork Homeschool

If you are already a Handwork Homeschooler, then you’ll have already
received an email with the NEW password for the page & can pop in to grab this new Treat (& check out the others while you’re there….)

If you haven’t joined yet, you can do so by clicking on the letters below (you’ll receive an email with more instructions & then your password, automatically).

.Become a Handwork Homeschooler - FREE Treats!

There are 7 more projects on the Treats page too, including knitting,  a small notebook project, knitting needle sizing chart, & more….

Happy Feltworking !!






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