Handwork For Babies, Toddlers & Pre-Schoolers …

Before you were born, you were aware of lights, sounds, movements, warmth
& other sensations.  What was one of the few things that you didn’t experience while
still snuggled up inside your mother …?

Ara's Heart Sweater - Handwork Homeschool - Early Handwork for Little Ones

… the feel of fabric against your skin.

The moment you arrived things changed & you began learning many
new things including… Handwork!

Really ? Yes !!

If you think about it, you were lovingly held by your mother
(or another love-giver) who was (most likely) wearing clothes,
mere moments after being born.

Later on, you were probably wrapped in a blanket or cloth
to maintain your body heat & protect your tiny head & limbs.
You might even have worn a tiny hat.

See what I mean?  Fabric everywhere!

But, how does being around fabric relate to Handwork?

Handwork is … SIMPLE

It can seem as if Handwork is all about
intricate techniques & complicated patterns.

When what it really means is simply doing something with fibre.

You can :

  • transform fibre (knit, sew, spin)
  • use fibre (clothes, shelter, containers)
  • enjoy fibre (touch, see, warmth)
  • raise fibre (sheep, goats, rabbits…)

With that broader definition in mind, it’s a lot easier to see how a baby is already engaging in Handwork right from her earliest days !

Even though it’ll be quite a while before she picks up some needles to cast on
a bit of knitting; she started choosing what she likes against her skin, colours
she’s drawn to & how it feels to hold fibre-y things, right from the start.

Ara's Silk Shrug - Handwork Homeschool - Handwork for Little Ones


Handwork is … EXCITING

Handwork is incredibly alluring for many reasons;

the lovely materials, the millions of colours, the enduring tools, the
eternal array of beautiful, useful & inspiring things you can make
& most of all – the positive effects it has on your body, heart & mind.

Just because your little one is still too young to knit or crochet,
doesn’t mean that they can’t begin to experience Handwork in other ways !

Learning how to make something with our own hands, spending time in the
real world (rather than the virtual one) & knowing that we’re all creative
are important lessons that you can share with your child right now.


Wet Felting - Handwork Homeschool


Handwork is … ENDLESS

For more than 40 years (already ?!), I’ve been honing my Handwork skills
& loving every minute.  Handwork is like a big, amazing, endless loop.
You can begin anywhere & follow any “thread” you find appealing.

The flexibility of Handwork is wonderful but the immensity of it can feel a bit
daunting at times.

Especially, if you’re just starting out.

When you set out to explore the World of Handwork, it’s nice to have an idea
where to begin.  Even if you know how to knit or sew, you still have to
go back to the basics & start out again when you decide to learn how to
spin or crochet.

Handwork is always interesting because you’re constantly learning
something NEW…

~ Introducing ~

Handwork Homeschool
** Highlights **

I really know what it’s like to be busy – what with homeschooling, homemaking &
running a business.  Quick & useful resources are amazing !

I realize that sometimes, you just want to hop online, grab some ideas & jump off.

So, a couple of years ago, I started creating the 5-Minute Handwork Homeschool Lessons which I post here, on my blog.

These are very popular because they feature bite-size lessons that give you enough information to get an idea of how to do a particular technique – fulling wool, a basic
knitting cast on (perfect for beginners), wet felting & more – all in less than 5 minutes !

It saves so much time compared to searching the ‘net & flipping through books.

Recently, I decided to design something similar but a bit more in-depth – an easy
for you to further explore a single Handwork technique or aspect
of fibre work while saving your precious time, energy & money.


Exploring Handwork with Little Ones - Handwork Homeschool preschool toddler handwork


My new Handwork Homeschool Highlights Courses feature:

quick to watch video lessons,
printables to use immediately
& just the right amount of information & inspiration
up in a short course.

Follow the course all at once or come back for short bursts.

Whatever suits you best.

wet felting


Exploring Handwork with Little Ones

– The Details

In 7 spot-on lessons, you’ll learn how to share the Handwork Arts with
young children.  How to connect with them & the world around you.

If you haven’t a clue where to start, I’ll show you some great places !

If you are already skilled in some (or many) of the fibre arts,
you’ll learn how to share Handwork with young children
– so they’ll come to love working with their hands &
expressing their own creativity for the rest of their lives.

(Hint: Teaching children is NOT the same as teaching adults!)

You’ll Get :

  • 7 Handwork Homeschool Highlights video lessons
    quick to watch & to the point, packed with useable info
  • Printables:

Material List – build your Handwork stash bit-by-bit
Tool List – know which tools to get now & use forever
Handwork Skills Chart – know which skills are age-appropriate & why
Book List – the must-haves & the “nice-to-haves”
Festival Sheet – where to find seasonal & festive inspiration
Handwork Reflections 
– simple ways to bring handwork into your daily life

You’ll Learn:

  • how to feel more confident about sharing handwork with young children
  • why handwork is a perfect way to prepare your child for later academic learning
  • fun ideas for unexpected & engaging activities
  • about age-appropriate skills & projects & more…

Exploring Handwork with Little Ones is perfect for you if:

you’ve got children younger than 7,
you are a complete fibre newbie and/or
you want to learn the best ways to introduce children to fibrework.

Before you know it, you’ll be bringing Handwork into your world,
inventing exciting activities & having a great time doing it.

A few MORE details

Course enrollment is OPEN now…

Once you enroll, you’ll receive confirmation within 24 hours & your
password for the private course site shortly after that.

The course is LIVE, which means I’m here to answer your questions
& you can comment on the course site if you’d like to connect with
other students.

This is an online course – you can watch the videos & print the printables
whenever you like – forever !

Ready to add some colour, beauty & texture to your children’s lives?

Get 7 videos,  pages of printables

& loads of fab ideas

~all for just $50  

 Click the button below to ENROLL now

Enroll Me Now !


(*NOTE * Your course information will be sent to your Paypal E-mail address.  If you’d like it sent to a different E-mail address please add it in the Paypal message section.)

I look forward to seeing you in class !




( P.S. Sometimes Handwork starts BEFORE birth

I actually knit the lavendar heart sweater my daughter is wearing up top,
when I was pregnant with my son – who I THOUGHT was going to be a girl!

I saved that little sweater since I had knit so many of my hopes & dreams
into it – just in case – et voila, baby number two was my darling girl !
She knew her sweater was special even though she was so little…
that’s the power of handwork.)

Any questions about Exploring Handwork with Little Ones ?
Ask me HERE.

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  1. Kara says:

    I would love to take this course! However, the timing is off for me. Will you be offering it again in the near future? Perhaps early or late summer?


    • Hi Kara

      I’ve created this as an “express” course – so it’s quick & to the point.
      It will be available later in the summer in my new “shop” but not at this special introductory rate. So you can wait & take it later or pop in now. Whichever suits you best ! Thanks for asking.


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