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One of the reasons we chose to live in northern France was that we knew we’d
be able to experience the cycling seasons here.

They may not have such high contrasts as we Canadians are used to but we do notice the scent in the air when it changes –
there’s always a morning when you open the shutters & something smells… different…

Child of Faerie Handwork Homeschool

That moment came a few days ago & it reminded me that I had some new Autumn books to share with you.  Of course, the red, yellow, orange & vermilion trees by the lake help put me in the right frame of mind as well!

So now that the chestnuts are falling & the leaves are swirling – here a few stories that you might like to share with your babes.

Child of Faerie Handwork Homeschool

Child of Faerie, Child of Earth is a beautiful book in every way – the images, the storyline & the writing (it’s written as a long poem).  It is about a Faerie boy who meets a Earth girl on All Hallows Eve.

Child of Faerie Child of Earth Handwork Homeschool


My edition is a Winterthur Special Edition maybe that’s why it has 2 covers, the boy on the front & the girl on the back.  Since I have to buy most of my books, sight-unseen, online, I was delighted when this one arrived & so were my kids!

The note at the beginning from the author, Jane Yolen, pretty much sums it all up…

“I simply fell into the opening verse of this book.  It leaked onto the keyboard from my fingertips…and then Jane Dyer took my words & made them magic with her paintings.”

If you’re looking for a Fall/ Hallowe’en book that celebrates this time of year without being scary or all about candy – this would be a good choice!

Fall Autumn Book List Handwork Homeschool


You can see that I have quite a collection going – that’s what happens when you add a few here & there over the years !  As my children get older, I find it more & more challenging to find books that speak to their changing interests & comprehension levels.

When my son was first learning to read, he really enjoyed this book & despite its simple text, he didn’t think it was too babyish (whew…)!  It also fit well into the autumn theme – good & good !


Bears on Hemlock Mountain Handwork Homeschool


My daughter, who is younger, is still fascinated by stories with lots of detailed images, I suspect that she will continue to love beautiful things her whole life & am glad of it!


Town Mouse Country Mouse Jan Brett Handwork Homeschool.

If you’ve looked at my other book lists, you’ve probably noticed I have a thing for
Jan Brett… & this book is no exception.  As usual, her images are delicious, her story reads beautifully & even though we have several versions of this classic story, my children are absorbed by the pictures in this one – every time.

( Of course, the fact that Ms Brett includes so many textile pieces in her books makes me reach for them with anticipation, too!)


Town Mouse Country Mouse Jan Brett Handwork Homeschool


Do you ever have those moments when you think of a book you adored when you were little & decide to find it – just to see if your memory of it is as good as the real thing?

I do, all the time!! This book proved to be as lovely as I remembered & yet another reminder that my early reading experiences obviously shaped my interests
then & even now.

The Sleepy Visitors Handwork Homeschool


Umm, so one of my earliest books included a Mama knitting & a Dada working with wood making gifts..?  Sort of sends chills down my back when I think of what our house is like around Christmas!  Talk about long lasting impressions…

This book was on my bookcase when I was less than 6 years old (well, not this EXACT book but this story).  The other image I could still conjure up in my mind’s eye was this one – how often did I imagine making bedding for those little beds & tucking some cute little wild forest animals into them?

The party scene was pretty yummy, too.

The Sleepy Visitors Handwork Homeschool Fall Books.
The list goes on so I’m going to show you the others in a gallery – as usual – just click to enter it!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Want to bring a forest animal to life for your kids?

Knit this adorable little hedgehog – scroll down – he’s in the Library!

little hedgehog pattern - Handwork Homeschool


So, there you have my latest instalment – to see even MORE fun Fall Books
– go to my first list HERE.

Woody Hazel & little Pip Handwork Homeschool.


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  1. Amy says:

    I love your website and courses, and you were the first person I thought of when I heard about France. Hope you are ok, and sending you and your country of residence lots of love and prayers!


  2. Pom Pom says:

    Hi Elizabeth! Jane Dyer, Jan Brett, and Elsa Beskow are three of my favorite illustrators.


  3. My second son’s favorite book when he was small was A Book for Bramble. It has the same pictorial feel as these you’ve shown. I always give a copy as a new mom gift. The Hedgehog is super cute!


  4. Dorothy DesRoches says:

    Wonderful book titles and illustrations. These make an irresistible list of things to read


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