Knit Front & Back Increase :: A 5-Minute Handwork Homeschool Lesson


In this
5-Minute Handwork Homeschool Lesson,
you’ll learn how to do the

Knit Front & Back Increase.


If your child is just learning to knit (or you are), I highly recommend this technique.

Learning to make increases in a knit project opens up a whole new world for beginner knitters.

There are dozens of increases out there but I think this one is a basic everyone should start with – mainly because it is easy to remember, doesn’t leave a big hole & it’s simple to deal with when you come to the point where you increased during the return row.


A fun way to play with this increase is simply to cast on some stitches & decide to make an increase on one or both sides of the piece every few rows.  Soon the piece will start changing shape.  If you increase on both sides you’ll end up with a trapezoid.  You could use it to make a small doll cape or knit several pieces in different colours & make your own colour wheel!


This one took me years to learn but I’m going to tell you now & save you a few decades of frustration.

Try to remember to make your increases on the
2nd or 3rd stitch from the edges of your work on both sides *
(even if your pattern doesn’t say this, be a rebel & do it!)

*There are extremely rare circumstances when you MUST increase on the very edge but they are few & far between.

WHY move your increases in away from the edges?

Well first of all,

you won’t have a jaggy, bumpy edge which doesn’t look so good

& second of all,

if you’re planning to sew the piece to something else, you’ll have a smooth edge to work with, which will make your life MUCH easier!.

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It amazing how much you can learn in just a few minutes.

Looking for ways to kick-start your creativity?  

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Happy Knitting !





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  1. Becki says:

    What a great tutorial! I am a very beginning knitter and I found this very clear and easy to understand. Your notes and suggestions are great, too. Thank you!


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