**NEW** Come wander in the Resource Library – snacks ALLOWED !

Happy Labour Day (yes, I’m Canadian & there’s a “U” in there!)

How was your summer break ?


Outdoor Hammock Reading Handwork Homeschool NEW Resource Library is OPEN !


It seems to have flown by, although we’re having some pretty beautiful days so I can pretend it’s still late-summer (which of course, it really is – despite all the “back-to-lessons” hoopla !).

Every summer, I come up with this ginormous TO DO list.  You know, the one which includes all those tasks of every size which you gather on post-its & various scraps of paper?  Well,  of course, lots gets done & some of it falls off the proverbial table & hides there until fall.

The biggest business project I set for myself this summer was to renovate the –

Handwork Homeschool
Resource Library


Handwork Homeschool Resource Library


I designed the library a few years ago as a way to show you, my kindred “enlightened” educator, just how much I appreciate the effort you put into teaching your child(ren) AND to thank you for helping me spread the word about the incredible power of Hands ON Learning.

Since then, I’ve been adding things every time I had something new to share.  Finally, it became obvious that to make the library really inviting AND easier to use
– it was time for a makeover!


I’m so excited … the doors are open  – come on in & look around!

Unlike traditional libraries where you must whisper & be careful not to rustle the muffin-bag you’ve got hidden in your purse (I can’t be the only one who’s snuck food into libraries…right?) – this library is open 24/7 & you can access it when & how you want.

Grab your favourite drink & dial up some rousing music on youtube – then dive right in.

You’ll find patterns, tutorials, charts & even videos.

They’re all waiting to give you some fresh ideas & inspirations – now at the beginning of your teaching year – right when you need them!


A taste of what’s INSIDE the Resource Library ~

  • “5-minute Handwork Homeschool” video lessons
  • patterns with full instructions to make a great projects
  • planning & organization charts for your homeschool & handwork
  • step-by-step HOW-TOs for handwork basics
    – felting, using a knitting fork & more…

In the Library, you’ll find 17+ goodies like these:


celtic wish pouch handwork Homeschool

Fleece TransparencyKnit Doll Hat - Handwork Homeschool



there’s something more…


To keep things interesting, I’ve tucked some special treasures in among the library items.

Take a wander through the library to find hidden coupons for courses in the Handwork Homeschool Boutique.

Not teeny, tiny scrimpy ones but BIG juicy ones
– 20 & 25 & even 40 % OFF !! 


How to activate your Membership to the Resource Library

Since I’ve been upgrading pretty much everything around Handwork Homeschool lately, it makes sense to step-up the quality of the Library, too. To give you easier access to more great stuff, I’ve moved the library to a private, membership site.

To activate your own membership, just click below…

Handwork Homeschool Resource Library



If you had access to the old Library – you need to activate your membership for
the NEW Resource Library, especially if you’d like to hunt for the Treasures, see the new content & get access to upcoming projects & How-To’s, which I’ll be adding regularly.

So pop on over HERE to grab your complimentary membership to the Library
think of it as a “Back-To-Lessons” gift from one teacher to another.

It’s my pleasure to share my designs, experience & research with you.  I hope you discover some new ideas, find some fresh inspiration & create wonders with your child!

Make Stuff  ♥  Be Happy !







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