Fabrics of Fairytale – A Book Review from Handwork Homeschool

Fabrics of Fairytale - Handwork Homeschool


“Once upon the warp & weft of woven worlds,
when laces & brocades
adorned the earth,
when the day sky was royal blue satin

and the night sky dark crumpled velvet…
enfolded amid the hills & valleys of these worlds
was a place where

weavers & wordsmiths, seamstresses & storytellers
gave life to the fabrics of fairy tale.”
(from the Introduction)

This book has languished on my “wish list” for years…

I finally ordered it & was so pleasantly surprised when I opened it !

Surprised & a bit upset with myself for not getting it EARLIER !

WOW… every page is filled with inspiration AND there are 2 CDs with recordings of all 7 fairytales.  It almost makes we want to throw the kids into the car right away so that we can listen to them!


The Fabrics of Fairytale - Handwork Homeschool


A quick overview —  the book includes 7 fairytales from as many countries as well as a short introduction to 7 different fibre arts.  

Here’s the list :

  • Persian Carpet Weaving – Clever Anaeet
  • East African Magical Cloth – The Cloth of the Serpent Pembe Mirui
  • Chinese Silk Brocade – The Silk Brocade
  • Hawaiian Feather Cloak – The Feather Cloak
  • Swedish Linen Weaving – The Three Fayes
  • Jewish Patchwork – The Patchwork Coat
  • Indonesian Batik  – The Crocodile’s Blessing

Every single page is decorated with the most amazing fabric collages by Rachel Griffin & according to the flypage, the story collector, Tanya Robyn Batt is “one of the world’s few professional faeries”!

As a fibre artist myself, I am constantly trying to stretch my horizons & explore new techniques.  This book is certainly going to help me do that – it’s delightful & fully researched – there’s even a complete bibliography at the back !

If my kids are lucky,  I might just work these stories into their lessons, too !

As it says in the book –

“….turn the page & let yourself enjoy the weaving & wearing of stories, where the warp is that which is constant & unchanging & the weft is the bright & darkly coloured threads whose dance creates vivid patterns & intricate designs.”


Make Stuff ♥  Be Happy!


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  1. Carie says:

    Oh wow that sounds amazing – never mind the kids, I think I need that for me!


  2. I´ll tell to my friends who speak english about this cours. It likes so great


  3. Sandy says:

    Looks like an awesome book.


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