Knit & Play :: Veggie Garden – pumpkins, cabbage, beets & more….!


Knit Veggie Garden - Handwork Homeschool


Are you a dirt gardener ?

Me? I prefer to use yarn for my gardening!

I get to sit by the fire, warm & cozy; plant whatever I want & never have to pull any weeds….. that’s why I created this Knit Veggie Garden.

It’s built upon one of my Playscape squares & has something for everyone. Once you get started, the ideas just keep coming !  In fact, you could make a few – one with greens, another with root veggies, maybe one with just berries & even flowers.

Since it’s made up of mini pieces, this is perfect for little ones.  I always tell my students to start their children off with micro knitting projects. Ones which are quick to finish because they help build a child’s confidence & that makes them want to keep on & keep on…

After all, the more they knit, the calmer & more creative they become….not to mention the HUGE brain boosting benefits they’ll experience.


Knit Pumpkins - Handwork Homeschool


Let your child go wild with colours & learn to experiment with their knitting from the very beginning.  It’s like the difference between learning to play a piano using sheet music vs. learning how to improvise.  I know which one I’d prefer.

The trick is to get them invested in the project & it’s easy to do that when they help in the planning process & make their own choices ( ** TIP **  it’s even better if they get to choose what they want YOU to knit!)


Knit Cabbages - Handwork Homeschool


To see more of the Knit Veggie Garden (including a virtual video tour!) head on over to the Handwork Homeschool Boutique.

If you’ve been looking for a fun make-a-long project for you & your children


– you’ll love the Knit Veggie Garden Pattern Pack.


Knit Veggie Garden Pattern Pack - Handwork Homeschool


Click HERE to wander through my garden
& start dreaming up your own!


Make Stuff  ♥ Be Happy




P.S.  The video garden tour makes it come to life – so if you want to take a peek – click now!


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  1. moniquetedeschi says:

    So amazing ! You are so talented 🙂
    Oh, as I regret not to have a toddler !


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