Festive Christmas Book List – Part 5 (+ MORE in the Handwork Homeschool Library!)



Santa Comes to Little House - Handwork Homeschool


For the last few years, I’ve shared books from our Christmas/Holiday book collection.  I say “OUR” because I’ve owned some of these books since I was very young & many of the others belong to my kids.

This year, I tallied up how many we’ve got in the “stash” & I’m surprised (well, not really because books ARE a passion around here…) to say we’re at 42!!

I used to read one book a day to my kids from December 1 through to the 24th….
now I almost have to double up!

So here’s the next instalment…
if you want to see the rest of my lists – I’ve recently settled them in over at the Handwork Homeschool Resource Library.

Click an image below to enter the Gallery!



If you’re looking for holiday books with great stories, amazing illustrations & lots of kid-approved “holiday delight” – you’ve come to the right place!

Oh &
if by chance you should happen to be wondering how you can visit the Handwork Homeschool Resource Library (filled with patterns, tutorials & now, book lists) you can get your personal access code – (it’s FREE)
– by clicking HERE.


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