A fresh wind is blowing – Brighit has arrived!

Tending Brigid's Flame - Handwork Homeschool


A few days ago, we celebrated IMBOLC or Brighit’s day.

It’s an important day in our household not just because my daughter is named after her but also because it marks the first day of MY new year.  Unlike most others, I start my year on February 1st.  There are many reasons for this personal choice but the main one is that it just feels right – far removed from the hubbub of the holiday season.  Waiting until now gives me time to quietly contemplate the coming year before I dive into it.

For years, I’ve been learning about the mysterious Brighit (or Saint Bridget).  Every time I think I’ve found the last book about her, another one pops up!

This book, Tending Brigid’s Flame is fascinating because it tells both sides of her story : one as Celtic goddess & the other as Christian Saint.  Something else which sets this book apart is that it contains projects & activities you can do to celebrate her any time of year.


Brighit & Lamby - Handwork Homeschool  ©2017


I’ve always been drawn to Brighit because of her connection with creativity, especially the fibre arts.  She also loves sheep – which equal woolly good stuff – which is something that makes me very happy.  So there’s that connection, too!

Here she is with her faithful “Lamby”.  I needle-felted them a few years ago.  They sit on my desk in my studio watching & keeping me company while I learn, work & make.

If you’d like to explore her story more – hop on over HERE.

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