A Peek at My Future, Future Atelier

Handwork Homeschool Ancient Ruin - Modern Atelier


Lately, I’ve been casting about thinking….
“I need somewhere to work which is quiet, inspiring & totally mine.”

You know, as one does, when one is a CREATIVE who’s working AND homeschooling.  Not only do I do everything under the same roof (actually in the same room), but I do it with everybody home . all . the . time.

I’d been contemplating borrowing a room at my friend’s house or even trying to talk a neighbour into renting me her unused studio.

One day, I had a flash —- of course!

Why look any farther than my own garden?!?

Yes, THIS ancient ruin is going to be my new atelier.  

Just as soon as my husband

  • hauls the stones out of the river
  • rebuilds the walls
  • erects a roof
  • lays a floor
  • inserts some french doors
  • constructs a fireplace& (he asked if he must & I said yes) adds some insulation.
    Once that’s all done…
    I’ll happily decorate it in my own style –  call it – Madame Pompadour Rococo Elegance meets turn of the century Parisian Artist’s Studio.

Handwork Homeschool Ancient Ruin - Modern Atelier


Seems like a tall order but he’s up to it & of course, we’ll all pitch in.

Now, this is definitely going to fall under the “Hands-ON Learning” category!

We’ll have to wait until the water level falls a bit – as there will be some work to be done in the river – which literally runs right behind it.  The wall seems to have a large tree growing out of it.  Probably has been for several decades now.


Handwork Homeschool Ancient Ruin - Modern Atelier

See what I mean ?

Wall….water.  The sound is glorious, we have a resident heron & there are even trout swimming by from time to time.

In the summer, this will be an oasis of green & so cool!


Handwork Homeschool Ancient Ruin - Modern Atelier


From this angle you can see the single standing wall – complete with ancient window.  I wish I knew what this building was used for – perhaps a wash house as it’s so near the water or maybe even an animal shed – after all, it is in the orchard.

Our 16 chickens will be thrilled to help with the digging, I’m sure.  They LOVE riding up & down on the shovels whenever my son or husband try to move any earth down there.

I’m thinking of having a fireplace (for dye pots, tea kettles & perhaps, the odd batch of cookies) on the inside with a bread oven on the outside (which made my husband do his best Poldark-eyebrow imitation – “what do you need a bread oven for in the garden, what’s wrong with the one in the house ??”).

Oh & I’ll need light, lots of it, so there will be skylights – not terribly historic but they’re non-negotiable.

I can already see myself slipping down to get some sketches done or plan out a new project while trying valiantly not to wonder what’s going on in the house!

So, this is one part of my BIG plan for 2017.

What plans are swirling around for YOU these days ?

Make Stuff ♥ Be Happy !



Artist of Experiential Learning,  
Professional Home-Educator,
Handwork Revolutionary
Proud Mama !


P.S.  If you’re looking for some inspiration or a creative project to share with your babes – head on over to the Boutique & see what looks like fun!



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  1. Oh my that is going to be amazing! I love a good ruin!


  2. eightlambs says:

    How exciting. Hope you post photos of the work in progress for it!


  3. Caroline says:

    Goodness, what an exciting project and what a wonderful location for a space all of your own.


  4. dorinalouise says:

    How exciting! It will be beautiful!


  5. josiah harry says:

    Beautifully captured!


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