{How-To} Fleece Transparency – Painting with Wool & Light !

Do you remember the first time you saw coloured fleece ?

What IS that ?  Then you reached out & stroked it (everybody does)…

You wondered, “what do I do with it”?  The answer to that question depends on where you were when you discovered this natural wonder

Fleece Transparency How To = Handwork Homeschool

If you were with spinners, they told you to spin it, felters would say it’s for felting & little children say it’s for amazing, cuddly playing !

No matter where you were or who you were with then, if you love colour & texture, this simple & beautiful project is for you, now!

What is a Fleece Transparency —  it’s fluffy, vibrant yumminess, if you ask me!

It’s like painting without paints – & the best part?

Anyone can do it !

yes, even little ones…

If you’d like to find out exactly HOW my babes & I made gorgeous fleece transparencies in a detailed tutorial (complete with many close up photos, step-by-step instructions & a material list).

You can find it in the Handwork Homeschool Resource Library.

To get your Library PASS – click HERE.

You’ll also find many other videos, patterns & tutorials in the Library
– & they’re all FREE!

Make Stuff ♥ Be Happy !

Handwork Homeschool - Elizabeth des Roches


A Fleece Transparency  (or 2) would look really great on your NATURE Table
if you’d like to add a swish to your fall table & get your kids really engaged with it –


Autumn Nature Table - Handwork Homeschool

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5 Responses to {How-To} Fleece Transparency – Painting with Wool & Light !

  1. I saw a fleece landscape in an art gallery a few weeks ago and had a deep longing to try it! Thank you for the encouragement!


  2. Joyce says:

    Love your blog. I’m new to this – so learning a lot from you. I just ordered Wild Child for my five year old and look forward to trying this project. Thanks for the tutorial.


  3. greenfreaks says:

    wow! that is amazing and so lovely! and we love that book, btw!


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