{A Manifesto} and a NEW Training Workshop … both about The MAKING Life



Over the last few months, I’ve realized that it’s high time I start touching upon some important topics beyond handwork & homeschool lessons. Of course, they are still central to everything I do in my life & my work but there is SO much more going on behind the scenes which I hardly ever mention!

Every time I sit down to write to you, I seem to be talking about making something.

The thing is….I’m just wired to be creative and coming to terms with this has taken me decades ! As I’m sure you know, doing things in your own way feels exciting & fulfilling but it can also make it challenging when others around you aren’t quite as adventurous!

This past year, I’ve been working with an amazing coach & part of the work I have done with her has revolved around me making the time to look at what I stand for & discovering my life’s mission.

The response didn’t surprise me much – I’m here to  lead a making life.

What DID surprise me was that I’m here to help you lead yours,too !


What is a MAKING Life ?

Why does it matter?

Well, if I was to put my academic hat on, I’d write you a looong article about it.

But today, I’m taking the creative route (just like I’ll be doing on Friday during the LIVE workshop!)

So, I decided to write my own manifesto

Let me tell you how the MAKING Life looks to me & see where you relate.


{A Creative Manifesto}


I make :

exciting lesson plans which grab & hold my babes attention

beds & tidy places

breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks & everything in between

handmade presents filled with love

wild dreams come true

magical celebrations

powerful decisions

a rukus when it’s needed

little shifts in my awareness which turn into huge changes in my life

mudpies & sand castles

silly stuff & silly faces

a happy life for me & those I love

inspiring art

a warm & welcoming home

gorgeous crystal grids in the moonlight (& in my studio)

lasting, deep friendships

my clients see their amazing power & potential (& those of their extraordinary children, too)

a thriving business – in & around raising my children

up my mind to be amazing & then get on with it

sweet music (& sing fake opera greetings to my favourite chicken, Abundancia, every morning)

lasting, wonderful memories

deep meaning by bringing art, craft & science together in never-before-seen ways

beautiful handwork projects with delicious yarns & fabrics

natural concoctions to keep my family & I healthy & balanced

inviting partyscapes

more than enough time for what matters

nurturing myself a top priority

waves in the pool, the ocean & the status quo

wise choices (even when they’re hard)

space to receive what I need & want

daily changes in how I teach my kids (no old-fashioned boxed-curriculums around here !)

extraordinary, confident, creative, connected kids

mend & tend – my goal is to ADD to my life & others’, too

unexpected environments for my babes to explore & enjoy

an impact when I share my knowledge & wisdom

small (very small) gardens grow

fabulous pumpkin pie, spicy chai & super-tasty birthday cakes

daily rituals which anchor us in the here + now (& link us to the past)

a difference…every single day.


What does your Making Life look like ?

If you’d like to talk about things like this & discover how to weave new, empowering ideas & simple methods into your daily homeschool life which will help you easily shift towards the learning/living style you’ve always envisioned

then sign up for my NEW (free) online workshop:


How to Create your
DREAM Homeschool Life

while Giving your Children the
Premium, Hands-ON Education they Deserve…

without tears, stress or letting them down !


Friday, November 17 – 2 pm PST / 5 pm EST



.Dream Homeschool Life Training Workshop Elizabeth des Roches - The MAKING LIfe.

I’m really excited to share this workshop with you because :

  • it’s a mix of effective ideas & practical, hands-on things you can begin doing right away
  • it’s a LIVE Crowdcast Call (it’ll be so cool….) & I’ll be sharing the 3 main ways you can get started creating your OWN dream homeschool life NOW
  • you can ask questions beforehand & view questions that other mothers have, too (vote for your favourites !)
  • you can connect with other creative, home-educators during the call in the chat – you never know who you might meet
  • there’s an INSTANT REPLAY – sign up even if you can’t make the live call so you can watch later on.
  • BEST OF ALL – it’s designed especially for you – a devoted, creative, homeschooling mother who wants only the best for her children, herself & her family.


Click the button to save your spot & learn more about the workshop ~

Create Your Dream Homeschool Life Training Workshop = Elizabeth des Roches

(Save your spot, even if you can’t make it that day, so I can
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It’s time for us homeschooling mothers to start savouring our days with our children more, feel really confident when teaching them & finally, say yes to doing it our OWN way!

See you soon.

Make Stuff ♥ Make Your Life!

Tapestry Teaching Creatrix
Handwork Healer
Modern Homeschool Visionary

P.S. If you’d like to know more about the call –click HERE & read all about it & save your spot!  Did I mention, it’s FREE?


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