Cats, Mice & Cookies – Valentine’s is here again…!

Valentine's Cookie Making - Handwork Homeschool


First of all,

let me assure you that this photo was not staged….

these little girls each happened to dress in their best “pink” clothes (without telling the other), the cookies just happened to be pink (mostly heart-shaped), we have a LOT of pink stuff in our house & well, I just “happened” to take a quick shot whilst they were deep in cookie-making concentration mode!!!

There was a time when people used to call me a small town Martha Stewart – a looong time ago in a land far away.

Around these parts, that title means pretty much little or nothing because believe it or not…most people here have NO idea who she is!

Yes, for those of you in North America – that’s probably pretty hard to fathom.

I can’t make any poncho jokes
or refer to her home dec books
or mention how she introduced me to the luxuriously, subtle colours of Araucana chicken eggs (I suppose my son would get the chicken reference…. but that’s another post altogether!)

So, if you live in the English-speaking world, I know I can tell you that the cookies were made using one of her simple Shortbread recipes….and they were delicious!

Back to these two little beauties —

One of the biggest hurdles I’ve had to overcome as a home-educating Mama is the niggling concern I have that my children might be missing out on having true friends.

The kind you can hang out with & do nothing or run around like crazy & do everything.

Not being in school all day with a pack of other kids limits your chances for making friends, so does not even speaking the same LANGUAGE!

You can imagine, how much I love to watch these two together (on the left- the sweet & lovely, Saöna & on the right – my very own babe, happy-pink-dancing girl, Arabella!)

They speak an interesting blend of fr-anglais (as we call it at our house).  One of their favourite games is “What’s this ?”

They take turns trying to name things in both languages & laugh & laugh & LEARN!


Valentine's Cookie Making - Handwork Homeschool


Saöna goes to school up the street from our house – as does almost every other child in the surrounding area.  She spends many hours there 4 days a week – doing her book work.  I once asked her when she got to draw at school (she is 8) & she told me “when I finish all of my work…”.

Her mother, Alexandra & I see eye to eye on just about everything – she is an incredibly gifted artist, intuitive healer & knows that little girls need to run & play & jump & MAKE cookies.

Homeschooling her children isn’t in the cards for her right now…

so, every once in a while, we invite them over & have a making-fest.

Cookie making is a particular favourite because it seems so very foreign to the French.  If you ask for a cookie in a patisserie, they’d give you a chocolate-chip because that’s the only kind, apparently!

When I opened a recipe book & showed Saöna that cookies come in hundreds of different shapes & flavours – her mouth fell open.

“Can I come back & make them all ?”

“Um, OK … but maybe one at a time !”


Lest, I veer too far away from Valentine’s, which is the reason why the cookies were being made in the first place.

Let me show you the books I’m adding to our Valentine’s Book Collection this year.

Angelina Ballerina - Handwork Homeschool - Valentine's Books


Angelina  is a little mouse who loves to dance.  This book features a compilation of various moments from her other books – each illustrating something or someone who she loves.  It shows that love can come in many guises.  My little dancer will LOVE the ballet scenes & this year, she’ll be able to read some of it on her own!

My son, who LOVES animals almost as much as farm machinery, math & mountain biking will love this National Geographic book

How to Speak Cat.

It is full of real research that explains why our furry family members, do what they do!

How to Speak Cat - Handwork Homeschool


Back to that cookie making …

– one of the ideas that I’ve been talking about lately, is that handwork doesn’t have to be ONLY about fibre.

It’s really about working with natural materials
(wool, cotton, stone, wood, mud, paper or cookie dough)
to take something you’ve imagined
out of your head
& make it real

A while back, I created a Highlights Course

Exploring Handwork with Little Ones,

to show you how easy it is to introduce handwork to your little one
– right from birth (yes, you can start that soon…!)
& why it can help them become a life-long learner
& stay creative long past their grade school years!

All the details are in the SHOP – just click on the menu above to
check it out.

I hope that you’ll enjoy some time with those you love this weekend & give yourself some time to MAKE something together.

Like cookies or cat toys or maybe you could draw a picture…or read a book & make a wonderful Valentine’s memory!


Dancing Valentine Ballerina - Handwork Homeschool

Happy Valentine’s Making !!

P.S.  HERE are the other books in our Valentine’s Reading Collection.

P.P.S.  Many thanks to Saöna for being a guest here today & her Mama, Alexandra for saying it was OK !

P.P.P.S.  Check out my Valentine’s pinterest board, too!

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