My Studio

Books !

Being in my studio makes me dreamy yet intensely focused.
Time slips away & my many half-started projects vie for my attention.
I dive right in, before something new catches my eye,
sending me off on yet another path.

Although creating professionally for over 30 years,
I’ve been making things since I can remember.
Surely, the denim doll’s dress that I stitched when I was only three years old
unleashed my insatiable craving for design?

Stacks of Inspiration Studio

My creative practice has evolved slowly, grounding me
& giving me a sense of accomplishment.

Books & Ribbons

Having dabbled in many crafts, I finally settled on
fibre arts once I realized that textiles
make my hands tingle & my mind race.
The subtle details & time consuming handwork
connect me to my
talented ancestresses.
I often think of them while making for my loves.
Each stitch in a sweater that I
knit for one of my babes is filled with
love, hope & expectations.

Tangible magic.


Stacks of unusual fabrics,
boxes of exquisite notions & piles of vintage magazines
crowd my materials hoard.
Each tantalizing item plays an
important part in my on-going exploration of
fine craft & vanishing arts.
Touching them reminds me why I’m so
passionate about finding ways to
re-invent time-honoured pastimes.

Inspiration Jars

Along the way, I have tried
to inspire others to revel in the beauty of the past, to join me in
marveling at the delicate stitches,
aged colours & indefinable quality of carefully wrought pieces.
Over the years, I have taught more than a few,
some younger & some older than me, to
create beauty with their hands.

It has always been a worthwhile endeavour.

My best students are my children.
One of the main reasons that I
homeschool them is that it gives me the opportunity to
include as much handwork in their days as I wish.
Each has felt the thrill of perfecting a new creative skill at my side.
I’m proud that they are all conversant in the
language of craft.
Once the seeds of creativity have been sown,
there’s no knowing how they will grow & flourish.

Creative Kids

As for myself, I look forward
to continuing my quest to learn all I can about the
glorious world of handwork.

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