Dry Felting

Dry felting is another way to describe any type of working with
unspun fleece or fibre, the best known form is needle felting.

To needle felt means that you use a special barbed needle to shape
fluffy wool roving into various shapes.

Here are some needle-felted yummy treats.
The great thing about them is that they are quick to make & use
a very small amount of material.

Felt Treats


Working with dry fleece or rovings can also be described as dry felting
– simply because you don’t use any water !

Here’s a simple tutorial to make a Fleece Transparency


Another way to work with felt that can be considered a dry technique
is simply sewing with felt or boiled wool.

Here are some fab felt ideas I gathered during a recent trip to Paris.

Felt Box


Here’s some boiled wool ( it’s a bit thicker & shaggier than felt)
which I bought in an amazing
toy store in Paris.

bunny time


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