Knitting in the round (or circular knitting) is a bit tricky at first but well worth learning.  It used to be that there was only one way to knit a tube shape (like socks, a hat or even a seamless sweater) & that was with 4 double-pointed needles.

Recently, some brilliant knitting mind came up with a new method called The Magic Loop.  It is easy to learn & makes knitting in the round a lot easier to my mind.  Now you only have to handle one needle – no more needles slipping out & falling into the crack between the car seat & the door (assuming that you – like me- use time in the car to get a few rounds in) !  I intend to do a tutorial explaining the technique but in the mean-time you can google it.

Waldorf Doll Hat - A Free Knitting Pattern from Handwork Homeschool

Click here for a Waldorf Doll Pattern which would be a great introductory project for someone just learning to knit-in-the-round.  Or someone who’d like to whip up a small gift for a special little person in an hour or so !


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