Finger knitting is a wonderful way to introduce young children to the world of fibre art.
They often enjoy making long, long pieces once they are comfortable with the simple process.  That’s great on one hand, but then how many necklaces & “ropes” does one need?

I mentioned an amazing book filled with tons of fun ideas in my Knitting Fork post.  The book was written about corking but the projects work just as well for finger knitting.

This Celtic Wish Pouch is a perfect example of how beautifully finger-knitting can be incorporated into an older child’s project.  Just because they get older, doesn’t mean they have to stop enjoying finger-knitting.  Sometimes older kids need a break from the needles (or even better want to show younger children just how it’s “done” !).

Celtic Wish Pouch - Handwork Homeschool - fingerknitting

This little knit pouch features a finger-knit handle & sewn motif.  It is easy enough for even a beginning knitter to enjoy & make quickly.  You might end up with quite a few of them !

Full Pattern & Details


2 Responses to FINGER KNIT

  1. chessycat says:

    Great idea! Heh, heh, we have about 3 billion “ropes” around our house. Thank goodness we’ll be starting other forms of knitting soon. 🙂


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