How to use a Knitting Fork

What is a Knitting Fork ?  : A 5-Minute Handwork Homeschool Lesson

Here’s a quick glimpse at this amazingly simple tool AND
a great FREE resource filled
with great patterns !


2 Responses to KNITTING FORK

  1. Jay says:

    What’s the difference between this knitting fork and those wooden dolls with prongs for hair- I believe their called nancy knits?



    • Hi Jay

      They are quite different actually! the knitting fork (or lucet) has only 2 prongs (you can see it in my post about them here on the blog) while a knitting nancy or corker has 4, 6 or even more “posts”. The Knitting fork is easier to use because you use your fingers to move the loops of yarn, while corking involves using a small needle or hook to lift the loops over the posts. It takes a while to get used to the motions involved.

      I usually suggest that you start a child on corking once they have fairly good hand/eye co-ordination AND fine-motor skills. Let them try & if they find it frustrating, put it away for a month or so & then try again!

      I’ll be posting about knitting nancies soon!



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