Christmas Reading (Part 4) – A Festive Book List from Handwork Homeschool


Yay – it’s almost time to start bringing out the Christmas Books!

Around here, I bring out 1 book at a time throughout December.

Since I’ve been collecting holiday-themed books for many years now,
the pile is pretty high by Christmas Eve!

I’ve posted several of these lists – you can find the others
in the Handwork Homeschool Resource Library.
This one is all about – guess who…


Christmas Book List - Handwork Homeschool Life & Adventures of Santa claus


Christmas Reading (Part 4) –

A Festive Book List from
Handwork Homeschool

Here’s a round-up of books about the famous man himself.

I really like those with beautiful details & a story line that strays a little bit beyond just someone bringing kids a bunch of toys.

Of course, if there happen to be a few fairies, old-fashioned outfits or a polar bear or two – that’s even better !




 I always like to see what the illustrations are like in books as they can really bring the story to life for my kids, especially those who can’t read just yet…

So, I’ve included a few pages for you to see if these stories might suit your family.

Click on any image to enlarge it & to enter the slide show (look for arrows to scroll).

You may be wondering just HOW we have so many books – well, I’ve been collecting for quite a while (some are from my own childhood).

And –

each year, each one of my children receives 2 holiday books under the tree, one from my husband & I and the other from Santa.

It’s become a tradition I plan to share with my babes for some time to come!

I wanted to send this list to you now early in the season , so you’d have time to add a few to your own family trove if you wish (or get ahead of the pack & request it from your library!)

Do let me know if you have any other titles you think would fit well into our collection, I’m always on the look-out for gorgeous new books!


Happy almost Christmas-time!






– If you’d like to check out the rest of the Christmas Reading Lists
& much, much more…head over & get your own pass to the
Handwork Homeschool Resource Library 

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  2. Sara says:

    I also have quite the collection of holiday books, mostly from my childhood. It makes this time of year very special for me. I’m going to check out a few of yours!


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